7 Tattoos No Mom Ever Wants to See On Her Teen (PHOTOS)

tattoosLike so many girls I knew way back when in high school, I grew up in a household where I knew that if I walked through that front door with a tattoo -- I woulda been sent RIGHT back out to sleep on the street. Frankly, I could understand why. When you're a youngster in your teens, you probably don't understand that tattoos are indeed forever and they need to be chosen wisely. That full-sleeve of Monopoly pieces? Yeah, not the most clever idea.

Granted, not all families are that close-minded. Heck -- if some 18-year-olds are mature enough, their parents may not totally freak out at the thought of them getting inked. With that said though, all tattoos are NOT created equal.

Check out these 7 tattoos you never want to see on your teen's body ... ever:

Do you or someone you know have a regrettable tattoo?


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linzemae linzemae

I got my first at 18. Added more to It a year later. Got another at 20. And another at 24. I regret the one I got at 24. I hate it!

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

I only tat featured  I would object to is the skinhead tattoo.

Ginger Rafalowich

maybe only the racist one.   what are you team boring?  why do i even read this website.  so stupid.

lalab... lalaboosh

What a stupid post.

Rhyin... Rhyinns.Mommy

I got my first tat at 16 for a boy and I still love it. Have 8 now. And I want a fucking Mario tattoo! >.

Fable Fable

I'd be more concerned with with how messed up the author must be having grown up with such a violent threat of homelessness at the first sign of artistic impression that they might have presented.  On another note most if not all tattoos nowadays can be removed for a price if need be, or there are many artists out there who can work magic on cover-ups...which hopefully our racist #7 friend will get one day. 

Rando... Randomlady

the only one that I would hate to see on a teen, or anyone is the skinhead one. The rest are fun, and obviously whoever got it had purposely wanted it. I've seen much worse tattoos like ones that say "slut" or other derogatory things but these tattoos are harmless.

pmcca... pmccauley

I got all of my tattoos (I have 8) before I turned 21. I love all of them except one, but I got them all where they are easy to cover up. I am saving up to get my next tat which is my kids' handprints with a poem on my side. I love tattoos and would not object to any of my children getting tattoos as long as they are smart about it. I just don't like facial tattoos and derogatory ones.

justi... justinnaimee

I love the Mario one. At least these are well done. I'd rather a well done "stupid" tat than a poorly drawn "cool" one.

Borde... BorderlinePanic

The only tattoo I wouldn't like seeing on my kid would either be an offensive one or a poorly done one.

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