Kate Gosselin's Teenage Twins Reveal What They Really Think of Their Mom

Kate GosselinIt wasn't that long ago that Jon Gosselin claimed his eight kids were all messed up due to their defunct reality TV show, but his kids, or at least the two eldest, would beg to differ. Cara and Mady Gosselin, now 13, have spoken out to People magazine, along with mom Kate. And what they say will make anyone who might have been worried about them sigh with relief. Mady says people expect them to be messed up, but they are just fine, thank you very much.

But they are still typical teens. And they have the usual complaints that teens do. Like that mom Kate is "annoying." Oooo.

Asked about mom, the girls had no problem expressing their distinctly teen-like contempt.

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Sooo what's so annoying about mom? I mean, besides the obvious? Haha. Little joke there. But Mady says that mom uses the word "spensive" instead of "expensive." And not only that, she says she does it on purpose!

Woah. That is totally annoying!! Ahh. Now I can't get "spensive" out of my brain.

While I'm sure some die-hard Kate haters (hello, Jon) will use this as proof that the kids are indeed "damaged," what teens don't find their moms annoying? I worry more about the ones who declare their moms are their "best friends." Parents aren't doing their jobs if they're not annoying sometimes.

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It's annoying to be told to clean your room. To pick up after yourself. To behave. To watch your mouth. To get off the computer. Need I go on? Sure, "spensive" is a bit annoying (stop that, Kate!), but if that's the most they have to complain about, then momma Kate is doing a fine job.

Are your kids annoyed with you?

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nonmember avatar Jennifer

Are there really 0 comments, or is this particular post being heavily moderated?

Misty Lemon White

"Annoyed" is not the word for what my kids feel for me at times.  Sometimes I'm sure they absolutely HATE me...like when my 14 year old is grounded from the phone.  But that's all normal.  

Jan Marie Marcotte

My kid now has a 13 year old of her own that really takes after her mother........I couldn't have wished a more appropriate "punishment" on her. She is now beginning to get it....the sighs, the rolling of the eyes, that particular "tch" sound, slammed doors,stomped feet, etc,etc...I just love watching it. and when she asks how I put up with it.......I don't remember how I did????

redro... redrobin83

My teen son has said he "hate" me, that I embarrass him and much more. I'm okay with it all because that means I'm doing my job. I am not trying to be his friend, he has those, I am here to make sure he grows up to be a good, responsible human being.  Most of these words come when he is grounded from talking on the phone with his girlfriend. 

redro... redrobin83

Jan Marie: I did all the things my son is doing to me and I don't see how my folks put up with it. "We reap what we sow" I'm just praying that when my daughter become a teenager she goes easy on me. LOL

Hunny... HunnybearSG

And what would make anyone believe that these 13 year old girls don't harbor some kind of real resentment towards their batshit crazy mom? I know I would if my mother was like Kate. Jon is a douchbag to the extreme. I'd bet good money that the girls were completely rehearsed on what they could and could not say.

Bottom line, yes I imagine that the twins are normal young teen girls, for now... Think ahead a few years when they've matured a bit more and look at things through the eyes of young adults instead of children. Imagine how betrayed they may feel when they become mothers themselves and fully understand how manipulated and used they & their 6 siblings were by their parents...

Mrseoc Mrseoc

I'm glad they felt like speaking up. I think their father has a screw loose.. the way he bashes his ex wife. Kate is obviously a "no funny buisness" kind of gal ... maybe she's a bit OCD on top of it. I can only imagine what 8 children feels like. Personally I would go crazy. ESPECIALLY if i had an ex husband who seemingly does nothing that a father should do. All Jon has done is talk crap and date all these young girls. Kate is running the family. Good for her if the only complaint her kids have is that she's "kind of annoying". 

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

I don't think Kate Gosselin is a bad mom. I think Jon didn't like the fact that she was so assertive. I also think he didn't want to have that many kids.

2teen... 2teens2LOs

I'm certain I annoy mine daily :)

nonmember avatar NoWay

Haha. I say "Dat's Uh-Spensive" all the time on purpose, but only when I'm talking with my husband. We have our own silly words ... we also tend to use "Cheezburger" speak and I am sure it annoys the kids ... but all the better. LOL (We don't do it in public or around their friends; we are not that mean.) :)

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