Madonna Posts Controversial Photo of Her 13-Year-Old Son (PHOTO)

We know, we know, Madonna is the hippest mother -- and maybe even woman over 40 -- on planet Earth, and as the holder of such a title, the rest of us are expected to excuse anything she does that comes off as unorthodox. But her latest attempt to seem closer to her 13-year-old son Rocco Ritchie's age than her own is truly bizarre and not at all what we'd expect from an intelligent woman who had a solid reputation as being a strict mom. Madonna posted a photo on Instagram of Rocco and two of his young friends holding bottles of alcohol on a vacation in the Swiss Alps. The 55-year-old pop queen, who captioned the photo, "The party has just begun! Bring it! 2014," says we all need to chill out because the photo is no big deal. 

If Rocco were 18, I'd say, "Okay, maybe." After all, 18 is the legal age to drink in many countries. But 13?! Wait -- make that 13 and the son of a billionaire superstar who probably needs to be protected more than most from alcohol and drugs? Oh, Madonna ...

Rocco is the little chap in the middle holding a bottle of gin. The one standing to the left of a kid who looks like he is still in grammar school. Let's forget for a second whether Madonna feels it's okay to post this photo. What about the parents of these other children? Did she clear it with them first or just assume it's dandy? I'd be pretty annoyed, I have to admit.

I don't see how this is any different from taking a snapshot of her young teen holding drugs in his hand. If I were Madonna, I'd be super-alert to the risks this child faces as the son of two people with money and fame. Whether she allows Rocco to take a drink at home or not, making a joke out of it sends the message that it's really no big deal. Thirteen is simply way too young an age to start indulging. Ask Drew Barrymore or Lindsay Lohan.

I'm not suggesting Madonna is a bad parent -- that's not for me to judge. But posting a photo like this one certainly makes me question whether she suffered from a momentary lapse of reason. Come on, Madonna, you know better.

What do you think of the photo Madonna posted of Rocco on her Instagram?


Images via Instagram

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k8edid k8edid

Madonna isn't a "hip parent" - she's an entitled moron who has absolutely no idea about what appropriate behavior is. And are we really surprised? She wasn't the paragon of good sense when she was younger, either.

Kattey Kattey

From what I keep reading, Madge is a bad parent in general.

Lacey Jones

She clearly posted it to get attention. Everyone knows that with celebrities,whether good news or bad,its still news about them. That's  a part of fame, to get people talking about you. Madonna knows that, that is why she did it.

nonmember avatar joesmom

All if you need to calm down. This is the age where they are going into those uncomfortable teenage years. They are aware of alcohol, cigarettes drugs etc. I would rather my teenage son or daughter stay home safe and sound with friends on New Years and if they wanted ONE drink I would rather have their first taste in a controlled enviorment. Just because they are holding the bottles does not mean Madonna is letting her kids get slap ass drunk. It could be a taste, a learning experience OR before we jump to ant conclusion do we have proof the children actually drank the alcohol? Good grief people stop judging!!!!!

nonmember avatar anothermom

You do realize most European countries DON'T have a minimum drinking age. Most French children have wine with dinner...and most teens over there aren't abusing alcohol. We as Americans have screwed up views on a lot of things.

nonmember avatar Motherof4

Let's be straight up. Madonna is an idiot. However, when you have enough money you think you can do just about anything you want or be anything you want to be. Her poor/children.

nonmember avatar pattie martin

Hahaha ppl are nuts... maybe they just held the bottles up just because they wanted too maybe just to be joking around, come on none of u ppl are saints. and for the ones that called her sn idiot, take a look at yourself haha for u tp call a millionare/ billionare an idiot, u are the idiots.... go make that money stupid. Its none of your buisness anyway.

Tabit... Tabitha666

I used to really admire Madonna, but all of these, "Look at me!! I'm still relevant!!! And I'm a good mom!!" type-posts that she makes just seem desperate & hopelessly clinging to her youth. (And am I the only one that thinks that Rocco looks like a major douchebag in this picture? He looks like an entitled little brat!!)

nonmember avatar jpackett

Uummm i just want to point out that you just called a 13 year old a douch!! Judgmental much?

nonmember avatar Amber Saini

I agree he lives in England not America! And maybe they were helping her unpack from shopping for new years eve! Stop judging when you lack information and rhis article has no concrete facts besides a photo and a writer who wants someone to attack

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