Teacher In Hot Water for Telling Student: 'We Don't Need Another Black President'

When we send our kids off to school, we hope they learn. And one of the things we hope they learn is to aim high and try to become the best they can be. But one teacher is in trouble for allegedly telling an African-American student who expressed a desire to become president someday, "We don't need another black president." No. He. Didn't.


The teacher, in Fairfiled, Ohio, reportedly made the comment to a high school freshman. He has been suspended without pay, despite the fact that he says the student misunderstood his remark. Maybe he didn't really say that, but right now he's being investigated, especially since four other students reportedly heard the remark. Additionally, the teacher was disciplined in 2008 for making a racial remark, and once called a student "stupid."

Not only is this a totally racist thing to say -- any good teacher would be thrilled to hear a student express a desire to be president. What better way to get a student to study? "Hey, do you think Obama got C's?" Okay, maybe Bush did. But still, the point is, you don't crush a student's lofty dreams. How awesome the kid isn't saying he wants to be a reality TV star or a rapper.

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You can only imagine how many times Obama was told the same thing (hopefully not by his teacher). Maybe this remark will only spur this kid on -- make him want to make this dream come true someday. Then he can give a speech saying, "I'd like to tell all kids not to listen to teachers who don't believe in them."

I know what it's like to get remarks from teachers who don't believe in you. I never had one say something this bad, but as a freshman in college, I expressed a desire to have an internship and my teacher said something to the effect of, "Oh, slow down. You are too ambitious." I didn't know one could be too ambitious! Wonder if anyone ever said that to Steve Jobs? Probably. 

Unfortunately, because this teacher took the wind out of my sails, I waited another two years before I applied for an internship -- this time without any help. I got it, but that was two years I could have been learning on-the-job training when I wasn't, all because some teacher thought I was "too ambitious"??? How do you even turn that into a negative?

If this teacher did say this, makes you wonder if he should be teaching at all. What a terrible thing to say! School is not a place to try to crush dreams. Especially ones as great as this.

Did you ever have a teacher say something unacceptable to you or your kid?


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