Teacher In Hot Water for Telling Student: 'We Don't Need Another Black President'

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When we send our kids off to school, we hope they learn. And one of the things we hope they learn is to aim high and try to become the best they can be. But one teacher is in trouble for allegedly telling an African-American student who expressed a desire to become president someday, "We don't need another black president." No. He. Didn't.

The teacher, in Fairfiled, Ohio, reportedly made the comment to a high school freshman. He has been suspended without pay, despite the fact that he says the student misunderstood his remark. Maybe he didn't really say that, but right now he's being investigated, especially since four other students reportedly heard the remark. Additionally, the teacher was disciplined in 2008 for making a racial remark, and once called a student "stupid."

Not only is this a totally racist thing to say -- any good teacher would be thrilled to hear a student express a desire to be president. What better way to get a student to study? "Hey, do you think Obama got C's?" Okay, maybe Bush did. But still, the point is, you don't crush a student's lofty dreams. How awesome the kid isn't saying he wants to be a reality TV star or a rapper.

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You can only imagine how many times Obama was told the same thing (hopefully not by his teacher). Maybe this remark will only spur this kid on -- make him want to make this dream come true someday. Then he can give a speech saying, "I'd like to tell all kids not to listen to teachers who don't believe in them."

I know what it's like to get remarks from teachers who don't believe in you. I never had one say something this bad, but as a freshman in college, I expressed a desire to have an internship and my teacher said something to the effect of, "Oh, slow down. You are too ambitious." I didn't know one could be too ambitious! Wonder if anyone ever said that to Steve Jobs? Probably. 

Unfortunately, because this teacher took the wind out of my sails, I waited another two years before I applied for an internship -- this time without any help. I got it, but that was two years I could have been learning on-the-job training when I wasn't, all because some teacher thought I was "too ambitious"??? How do you even turn that into a negative?

If this teacher did say this, makes you wonder if he should be teaching at all. What a terrible thing to say! School is not a place to try to crush dreams. Especially ones as great as this.

Did you ever have a teacher say something unacceptable to you or your kid?


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adamat34 adamat34

And another PC bullshit story....

wamom223 wamom223

Um you had me in full agreement until your ignorant comment about Bush.  You see Bush actually released his grades and all his records unlike Obama.  You liberals keep telling us he is smart but all the evidence proves otherwise.  

Krystian Kaufold

Sorry I agree with this teacher.

We've gone way down hill since this POS has been in office.

Black people need to stop crying racism over every little thing, I look at a black person wrong and I'm either getting a gun pointed at me, or being called a racist white bitch.

Alyssa Moore

"I look at a black person wrong and I'm either getting a gun pointed at me or being called a racist white bitch" Well that escalated quickly ....

nonmember avatar SickOfHearingIt

@Krystian, I cannot imagine why anyone would call you a racist. You seem so pleasant and open of mind.

nonmember avatar SickOfHearingIt

Piss off @wamom. Obama's dad didn't pave his way to Harvard, like Bush's dad and Yale. He earned it and you can't accept that a black man actually achieved something on his own. I feel very bad for your child, being raised by such a racist person. He will grow up to hate himself. He doesn't have to release anything. They don't appoint shitty students to Harvard Law Review and they don't hire them to teach. Krystian, I can't imagine why anyone would dream of calling you a racist! You are so pleasant!

nonmember avatar Park

I hope this kid does grow up to be president someday. I hope our next president is a republican. And a Hispanic lesbian woman, because America cares so much about the little stuff. It doesn't matter that Obama's black, but I do think that black people are just as racist as white people sometimes- coming from a girl who gets bitten just because she's white. If I so much as look at a black guy who even talks to me, I'm racist. That said, if Obama were to release his records, a lot less people would be complaining.

Kattey Kattey

This teacher was so in the wrong, he needs to be fired. The story is about a bad teacher, not a sounding board for all the times your bigoted asses got called racist by racist black people because you probably did or said something ignorant. If you say you were called racist for looking at someone who was talking to you, I call you a liar. 

Can't we agree that this teacher was out of line and move on? Or do we really need to bitch about not being able to be bigoted in peace? 

wamom223 wamom223

Wow sickofhearingit how does that koolaid taste?  Is it good?  Is it worth looking like a moron on a constant basis?  Thank God the President has dummies like you to hold his approval rating over 30%.   Again Bush released all his grades the President hasn't and there are questions because he's spent millions burying his records and that makes people wonder why.  I don't know if you heard but he won biggest lie of the year, a first for an American President and that is saying something after Clinton.  You are a very sad pathetic person that accuses anyone who doesn't agree with you of racism and aren't smart enough to know you make that accusation mean less every time you do it and worse you accept people to take your opinion seriously after wards.  I love it how you get all upset anytime anyone points out that YOUR lord is nothing more than a charlatan that lied his way to the white house.  FYI the man never graduated with honors from any college and that is why so many question how he got to Harvard in the first place.  Also you should stop talking about his time teaching the Constitution since he's been dragged into court so many times for going against it, its just embarrassing. 

Krystian Kaufold

Funny how INTERNET people call me racist, but I'm friends with black people in real life. And they tend to agree with me about our president.

Since Obama has taken office, the black community has taken over and has thought they can run this country, and think they can get away with everything and anything.

This man should be impeached, and should've been impeached within a year of his first term.

A repbulican will win next term, and hopefully they get rid of obamacare and every thing else this man destroyed.

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