Ungrateful Kids Complain About What They Didn't Get for Christmas

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Christmas, though ostensibly all about honoring the birth of a man who preached forgiveness, charity, and the meek shall inherit the Earth, has somehow come to be celebrated by buying as much crap as you possibly can. But still there is never enough crap that can be bought, at least for some people. Especially teens. Check out "didn't get for Christmas" threads on Twitter on December 26 and, lo, chances are, your teens are on there bitching. Prime things they are angry weren't under the Christmas tree? iPhones, Michael Kors watches, Nike sneakers, and cars. (That last would presumably be parked in the driveway.) Alas, these children do not understand what Christmas is all about -- but who can blame them? It's stopped being what it should be about. It's been snatched from Jesus and handed over to the ultimate materialist Santa. Ah well. Here are some ways your kids were griping behind your Twitterless back.


















And then there's this way of looking at it (way to go, kid!):

Ah, well, kids. There's always next year. I'm sure there will be stuff you want that you don't get then either. Meanwhile, parents, take these kids down to a homless shelter and show them how good they have it.


Did you get your kids everything they wanted for Christmas?


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nonmember avatar Amber

These kids sound like the biggest assholes -__- they should have gotten nothing

hello... hellokd87

As spoiled as my stepsons are, these jerks make them look like saints!! They did, however get everything on their list!!

nonmember avatar NoWay

Cool thing I didn't even get a car for Christmas. Like I don't know when my parents even plan on getting me one. Cooool.

How about, like, NEVER! You can get a job and buy one yourself you ungrateful entitled little bastard! I can't stand people like that!

SRTmo... SRTmom6127

Oh to have the pleasure of disposing all of those ungrateful little a$$holes Christmas gift in a Goodwill bin in front of them, capturing it on video and then posting it on YouTube!! 

kisse... kisses5050

I didn't get everything I wanted for Christmas. But I want everything I got.

I am cutting this kid from slack. That text sounds like it was an answer to a question. "Did you get everything you wanted?"  and it was answered nicely. I didnt get geteverything on my list but I am pleased with everything I thing I did get.

My children dont make lists. We should know them well enough to know what will make them happy. That is the point.They dont ask for things. They may throw some hints. The family dog did buy my daughter some new shoes. The squirel in the back yard gave my other daughter some headphones.  My husband bought them each a new bento box... my 15 year didnt know I saw her watching the VS fashion show twice so "the snow angel" brought her some pretty VS bras and pantties and Santa brought them some DR.Who stuff. They were thrilled because each gift was bought with thought and caring rather than demanding

Todd Vrancic

My kids have always made lists for Christmas, but they also understood that that was only to give us an indication as to where their interests were that year.  They knew they wouldn't get everything on the list because Mom and Dad "had to order it from Santa and pay for it.  The elves need to be paid and fed, and have you checked out the price of reindeer food lately?"

Daisy... DaisyJupes

I am a little irritated with what I received/didn't receive for Christmas. I was asked to give people a list and since I just graduated college, live on my own, and am still looking for a job, I asked for some things I needed (they were pretty obvious) and some frivolous stuff I would like, but don't need, because my mom likes to do tiny frivolous things and it is a good indicator of what direction to go in if you go off list. I got nothing I needed (or asked for, save a necklace and some shot glasses), but got a bunch of necklaces I don't want/like, a dress I like, and a purse.

I actually had to ask my dad after if he would pay for some of the things I asked for that I need and didn't get, because I need them and cannot afford them (which is why I asked for them and would have been happy getting only things I needed and nothing "fun"). While fun things are nice, a recent college graduate who is still looking for a job (budgets and bonuses mean no one is hiring until January at the earliest in this field) needs gifts to be useful and needed more than anything else. While I appreciate a $5,000 ring, I don't want to have to sell it to buy some storage device for my tiny apartment and all of the tea/mugs people keep giving me and to get my parking brake fixed (4 wheel drive station wagons are a pain in maintenance).

Daisy... DaisyJupes

Let it also be said that December graduates appreciate cards, too. Just because we graduate near Christmas doesn't mean you can ignore us. It hurts to have family members who send cards for special occasions not send you a card or write "Congrats!" in a Christmas card when you graduate, because of some reason I don't understand.

kisse... kisses5050

  WOW Dasiyjupes wonder what type of employee  you are going to make? Just move back home with mommy and daddy now...

Carme... Carmen8706

I hope these are fake.

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