7 Things Parents Forbid Their Teens to Do, But Still Do Themselves

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It’s easy for parents to come up with a list of forbidden behaviors for our kids. After all, it’s our job to keep them safe and healthy as long as they are under our roof. Though, a new anti-smoking ad drives home one, very scary fact: parents are total hypocrites. We tell our kids they can’t do this or that, all the while engaging in the behaviors ourselves. And it’s not just smoking. It begs the question, why should they listen to us when we can’t follow the rules we insist they adhere to? Take a look at the bad habits we don’t want our kids to do, but still give into ourselves.

1. Smoking. The hazards are clear. The habit can lead to lung cancer, emphysema and other medical issues. People are horrified at the thought of a little kid lighting up. They will preach about all the evils of smoking, even while puffing away on a cigarette themselves. Take a look.

2. Getting drunk for fun. Who doesn't look forward to a wild girls night once in awhile? But if your teenage daughter wants to do it, you would go berserk.

3. Smoking pot. For obvious reasons, no parent would encourage this one. It’s illegal. Still, there are moms and dads who toke up in the basement or after the bedtime thinking their kids have no idea what they are up to. News flash: they do.

4. Sex with someone they barely know. Now granted, if you are in a committed relationship or marriage, hopefully this isn’t one you indulge in. However, there are plenty of single parents out there who feel like their sex life is their business and if they want to have casual sex occasionally, so be it.

5. Binge on fast food or sweets when you are down. I’ve had plenty of pizza and ice cream nights. Eating your feelings are never a good idea, no matter your age. I would hate for my child to mimic this coping mechanism.

6. Curse. In a perfect world, as soon as our little angels are born our inclination to yell sh*t and other four-letter words would disappear. Some would say having kids (and all the aggravation that comes with it) has made them even more likely to curse. But no way do we allow them to do it.

7. Lie. We tell them how wrong lying is almost from the moment they start speaking. Yet, we do it Every. Single. Day.

Yes, these are definitely double standards but that’s the right of every grown-up, I suppose. One day, when they have kids of there own, they will understand -- at least we can hope they do.

Do you think parents should follow the same rules they give their children?


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Melody Billington

And when my children are adults they can do all those things, all they want.  But while they are children damn right there is a double standard.  They are children.  With the exception of lying.  I don't lie to my kids ever.  If I don't want to tell them something, I just tell them that I am not going to share that with them at this time. 

work4... work4mickey

The difference is we're adults and they are not.

If we're taliking about teens, i'd mainly tell them not ti smoke ar drink because it's illegal. If I caught them smoking (which I happen to not do) I wouldn't freak out. Just remind them it's unhealthy and, at their age illegal. It would not be a huge deal to me.

Drinking, my level of freak out would depend on circumstances. If they merely had a beer and did not engage in dangerous behavior (driving, riding with someone else who had been drinking, ect.) That would not be a big deal. If they engaged in dangerous behaviour or execive drinking (got drunk), then I'd be mad.

Smoking pot is illegal regardless of age (and I don't do it. I actually have never tried it) so end of discussion.

A mom should not be having casual sex, but if a mom is a slut and does not respect herself, how does she expect her daughter to learn to respect herself, or her son to learn to respect women.

Both me ans my kids indulge in junk food abd a movie a couple of times a month. I do try to have us eat healthy most of the time.

Cursing is a situational thing, it depends.

Lie? It depends. I expect them to tell me I don't look fat in that dress, even though I do.

adamat34 adamat34

Agree with the above. Adults are adults. Kids are kids. To many times parents have developed best froend relationships with their kids.

My son said shit while playing a game once...he saw me and.immediately was embarassed. He knows better. I cant control his language when he is with his buddies...just like whrn i was 15 but i can sure control it in my home.

nonmember avatar Karina Davis

I agree with this article. I do believe that as parents we have the most influence on our children's lives. I mean, don't you remember when your son or daughter thought you were cool? That everything you did was right and you did no wrong? They learn from that stage on, regardless how little of it you see. I also believe that as parents, we need to change ourselves when we have kids. That means if mommy and daddy say no soda no smoking no cursing and lieing to our faces that means no soda no smoking no cursing no lieing for mommy and daddy. Does it suck? Hell yes. But does it help influence your kids to live better lives and be better people? You bet. And if helping my children become better than me means that I have to stop saying f*ck whenever I hurt my toe then so be it, because my children, are worth it.

AdryF AdryF

I have to agree with the author. I don't get double standards "Do as I say, not as I do". That kind of thinking is crazy. I grew up with a parent like that. My dad would fuss at me all the time about not smoking... While lighting up. I am trying to quit smoking myself so I don't do that to my girls as they get older. The other stuff I tend not to do. Rarely do I curse and lie. I also don't drink often, and I am married. Oh and I have never even tried pot. The junk food thing is about moderation (as well as drinking). :)

Elaine Cox

adults can do things kids cant?  omfg!!! what a shock...adults also pay taxes..pay rent...work 40-50-60 hours a week...if some kids wanna trade that with mommy and daddy im sure they will agree...miss statutory rape making the kids be lil adults again

First... FirstTimeMama21

Wow. Really, marijuana? It's better than the effects of alcohol.

Rando... Randomlady

My only question is about #2, drink for fun. That is probably the best reason to drink, think about the other reasons for a moment depression, anger, revenge, to forget. Drinking for fun is harmless as long as it isn't to excess and you don't get behind the wheel of a car.

Smoking pot is also not much of an issue, if they can afford it somehow and that's what they choose then whatever.

nekoy... nekoyukidoll

Parents should set rules for their kids but if they do them, they shouldn't be so shocked if the kids do it. My sis's soon to be ex does all this and both his older girls ate doing them; he's shocked and. I want to tell him blame himself.

Indigo Time

Being a real adult means you live the example you want your kid to be. Let me tell you it takes a lot of growing up. Your kids will teach it to you in the end, as they mimic your screwups right back into your face, you will deal with their drug use, alcohol use or anything else. I kept all this a secret and now I do not drink and its permenant nor do drugs (thanks to AA) I show my son that life is ok without by doing sports and recreation and lving out my dreams.I hope it means somethign to him. Hes a good boy. Its hard to do this but I want to be the person I tell him to be. I had to do it. Is life better this way...i loved smking so much!!!!! i love being crazy!!!! but when they get a little older you cant hide it anymore, they get damaged by it,. Alcohol leads to ignoring kids. Can you still make it to hockey practise hungover. or in my case, not even register him anymore, thats not good for the kid. maybe its ok if you can still cover everything,. not saying you have to not drink or smoke but some people are really seflish and addicted then its not ok, when kids suffer or you bring wierd guys home or drug dealers etc. you know, its out of hand

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