Mom Arrested for Sitting Topless in Hot Tub With 14-Year-Old Daughter

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Add this to the list of "Things moms used to do that would get you arrested now." A mother has been charged with misdemeanor child endangerment after posing for a photo in a hot tub with her 14-year-old daughter -- both of them topless. The person who took the photo? Her other daughter. For whatever reason (kids!), that daughter took the photo and uploaded it to Snapchat, which allows users to briefly share photos before they disappear. But somehow the photo got around, and the next thing you know, pretty much everyone at her kids' high school had seen it. "This is an example of some extremely poor judgment by a parent," said the Wentzville, Missouri prosecutor. Or, you know, NOT.

The 50-year-old mom claims she was just getting out of the tub when her daughter snapped the photo and she demanded she delete it. Which obviously the girl didn't do. But the prosecutor maintains it was clearly a posed photo, with both mom and daughter topless, but covering their nipples.

Oooooo. Horrors.

One of my odder memories of growing up is going to the YWCA with my grandmother. After our swims, she would take a shower and then blow dry her hair -- still completely naked. She would come up to me and make conversation -- completely naked.

She was in a gym shower room. She was my grandmother. Yes, it was awkward. To this day, I don't know why she couldn't have wrapped herself in a towel. But it didn't traumatize me (much). Today, she'd probably be hauled off to the slammer. Though I certainly would have never taken her photo and uploaded it online.

This charge carries a possibility of a year in jail. Seriously, a state might take a year away from a mom and her kids because they aren't ashamed of their breasts?

I'm not even sure what the "endangerment" part here refers to. How does it endanger your child if he/she sees your breasts? Do you risk arrest every time you scurry naked from the bathroom to your bedroom and one of your kids might see you? What if your kid walks in on you having sex? What about breastfeeding?!

Authorities claim the mom's son, who attends school where the photo was being circulated, was "ridiculed" by his classmates. So now we are arresting moms who embarrass their children? You're gonna need a bigger jail!

And since the mom didn't upload the photo, I don't see what this woman did wrong.

Did these cops just need something to do that day or what?! Oddly, the 14-year-old daughter already had counseling at school because she'd passed around nude photos of herself in the past. Apparently this is a family that likes nudity? Maybe there is something off in general with this family, but this particular incident does not seem to warrant an arrest.

The mom and daughter were in a hot tub -- NOT a daycare center. If anything, it's the other daughter, whose age is never reported, at fault here, not the mom. She should definitely be grounded.

By the way, moms, you can disable your teens' cellphone cameras. Might want to look into that.

Do you think the mom should have been arrested?


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linzemae linzemae

I was really expecing a different story from the title! This mom did nothing wrong. The daughter shouldn't have uploaded the pic

linzemae linzemae

Looking back at the title, I definitely read it wrong!

nonmember avatar NoWay

That is ridiculous! There are family nudist parks. You'd better arrest everyone there! When my kids were little, they showered with me. I must be some kind of freak! People are such prudes when it comes to nudity. Get over it! We all have a body and being nude is our natural state... we are not born with clothes on!

nonmember avatar blue

I can't see that she was breaking any laws. She was at her own home, it's not like it was a public hot tub. I doubt this will hold up, and it shouldn't. With that said, there is such thing as being too close with your kids. She sounds like the fun friend, not a mom. No wonder they were hot tubbing topless.

peanu... peanutsmommy1

wow, talk about people overstepping their bounds! I grew up in a household where nudity was completely normal. Hell, I am 34 and my mom will still change in front of me.

D.j. Lord

so the 14 year girl likes passing around nudes of herself..gee i wonder where she got that from....nudity is good...but if you got a 14 year old passing around nudes of herself and the other kid taking pics and posting em on line then something is far beyond normal in this house

nonmember avatar sarah

I agree that if this 14 year old is passing around nudes of herself and the other kid is taking nudes of mom and sis and posting em then this goes beyond good clean fun..

nonmember avatar Victoria

So this woman may go to jail, yet child molesters and murders get released every day due to overcrowding! This is ridiculous. Talk about making the human body something to be ashamed of and must be hidden! Oh no, boobs! Scary scary boobs! Jeeze, people really need to figure shit out. I saw my mom baked all the time as a kid, it never traumatized me, in fact I'm much more comfortable in my body than most of my friends that have "better" bodies. Nothing wrong with what the mom did. The daughter that shared the photo is pretty dumb though!

aeneva aeneva

Okay so the photo was wrong but how is her being topless any different than the girl going to the gym and seeing women topless in the changing room or the local pool?  Those are complete strangers.  This is outrageous.

Paws84 Paws84

I don't see a problem with mother and daughter changing in front of each other, but I personally think it's very weird that they're just sitting together chillin in the hot tub.... Topless. Why would you want to stare at your child's boobs? That's inappropriate. Nipples or not, you're a terrible role model posing for pictures like that with your daughters. Her daughter is going to grow up and be a little whore, if she isn't already. I'm assuming she is already at the young age of 14 though with a mother like that. It's not an issue of people being anti-nudity. I'll be naked all day with my husband without my daughter around. It's an issue of doing inappropriate things with your CHILD.

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