8 Signs You'll Be Taking Care of Your Teen Forever

It seems like there’s always some new study or report out about young people refusing to grow up. Er, um, not refusing, per se, but unable to nonetheless. Something about brain development or sleeping habits or helicopter parents.

Whatever the reason, record numbers of 20-somethings are moving back in with their parents (if they ever left at all), so does this qualify as an epidemic? Maybe.


So how do you know if your teenager will be living with you 10 years from now? I’m guessing there are probably signs, if you’re willing to look for them.

Here are eight signs your teenager will never grow up.

  1. He doesn’t know how to program an alarm clock. If you’re still serving as a human alarm clock for your teenager, there’s a good chance he’s going to miss class or be late for work when he moves out. What are you going to do, drive to his place every morning an gently coax him out of his sleep?
  2. She refuses to get her drivers license. If your kid has no means to leave home, chances are that she won’t.
  3. He never pays for anything himself. If you are a human ATM machine, you’re likely going to be paying his rent someday too. Budgeting is a key skill for being a grown-up. Maybe more people should have mastered this.
  4. She doesn’t work. Whether it’s an after-school job, or extra chores around the house, if she doesn’t have a concept of earning money to pay for things, she’s never going to move out.
  5. He doesn’t do his homework. Sure, it’s only high school. But someday it will be the real world, and let’s face it -- those TPS Reports aren’t going to write themselves.
  6. She doesn’t know how to use the major household appliances. If she doesn’t know the difference between the dishwasher and washing machine, let alone which detergent goes into which, she’s not going to make it. Her clothes will never get washed, and her roommates will kick her out because she stinks.
  7. He doesn’t know the difference between a need and a want. He does not need a new video game console. He needs to grow up.
  8. She thinks cooking is ordering a pizza. At least teach her how to make ramen noodles, mmmkay?

How old were you when you moved out? Were you ready?

Image via Miguel Angel/Flickr

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