8 Most Offensive High School Mascots in the US

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Coachella ArabsThe Washington Redskins' owner's refusal to change the team's offensive name may be getting a lot of national coverage these days, but the NFL team is far from the only one with a mascot problem. A California high school is currently in hot water over its own team name -- kids at Coachella Valley High School play and root for the "Arabs."

Not surprisingly, the name doesn't sit well with the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, which has sent a letter requesting administrators do something about it. That would likely mean getting rid of the school's angry looking mascot ... and the belly dancer who shows up at football games.

Can't believe this exists in a high school in 2013? Just wait until you hear some of the other offensive team names American kids are playing under at high schools across the country.

Would you let your kids play for number 7? What is your kids' school mascot?


Image via Coachella Valley High School

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keelh... keelhaulrose

In 1980 the city of Pekin, IL finally gave in and changed their mascot from the Chinks to the Dragons. You can still find Pekin Chinks gear in some of the local thrift shops. It's not that hard to change, but an offensive name never truly goes away.

Emmie25 Emmie25

i went to a high school where the mascots were the redskins. a lot of people wanted it changed for years and there was a big debate whether they should or not. i hated the name and refused to participate on the sport teams. they lost most games. after they changed their name to rams they win most of them. maybe karma had something to do with it.

Jespren Jespren

I bet most of these have long and interesting stories behind them. For instance I bet the high school whose mascot is an orphan initially had a student body that drew from a local orphanage or whose founder was an orphan and it was meant as a rememberance or incouragement to remember how far they could go. I bet 'whiteface' is named after a person's name, not some imagined insult. And should we ban Walt Witman for calling for his 'red faced children' to join him on his hunt? How about we ban all cultural or anthropological lessons in case someone learns the culture of people from Arabia had belly dancers? Whoops, better do away with the whole liberal environmental movement because they were founded on the belief of the 'noble savage'. In 50 years the term 'husband' might be considered offensive. In 100 years the term 'Korean' might mean a person prone to saber rattling. Meanings and words change, but we should strive to hold onto tradition and explain to future generations that these things were not once offensive, and have deeper meaning than a knee-jerk pc reflective offense. We don't help *anyone* by changing the school mascot from a Hillbilly to a Jackrabbit.

Elaine Cox

im offended by all those offended...off to read to "kill a mockingbird".before its banned again

Tal0n Tal0n

. . .

Seriously people are offended by Hillbillies?  I'm a Hillbilly and I'm sure as hell not offended!!  And Whiteface refers to a type of COW.  As in MOO. As in HEREFORD. COW.  Did NO ONE NOTICE THE MASCOT WAS A COW???

nonmember avatar Rose

Delightfully enough, Orofino Idaho, home of the Maniacs, is the location of both the state penitentiary and the state mental hospital, which makes the mascot especially insensitive, no?

nonmember avatar Amber

The Whitefaces are from Hereford school. Hereford is a breed of cow that has a very dark red coat and a bright white face. This one makes sense - says someone from the home of the Ozark High School Hillbillies.

aeneva aeneva

OMG most of those are ridiculous but whitefaces refers to a type of COW which is exactly what is depicted in the picture.  That being said I grew up a Dragon, college was a Nittany Lion and my kids are Bobcats though they go to a school named Seneca in honor of the indian tribe that lived nearby.

Leigh Anna Clark Young

I'm honestly beginning to become offended by all of the people that offend so damn easily...get a grip folks...sheesh...

wamom223 wamom223

@Rose-I was just going to say that!!!!  Could not believe it when I had to go there with some for a cheer competition.  Yes the name is offensive but it is a good idea to have your schools next to those facilities?

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