High School Coach Fired for Posting Personal Picture

cameraAll right parents, pop quiz time. Where do you want your kids to turn to for a morality lesson? Is it to you? To the family's church, maybe? Or how about their coach's Facebook photo albums?

What? It's not the third option? I'm shocked, y'all. Shocked! After all, Laraine Cook, a girls' basketball coach at Pocatello High School in Idaho, was recently fired because of a "scandalous" Facebook photo featuring her and her fiance (the school's football coach). The problem? It was "immoral."


Well, OK, Cook says the school is calling the photo immoral.

I took a look, and I don't see anything immoral. It shows Cook in a bikini -- the photo was taken on a family vacation -- and her fiance, football coach Tom Harrison. In the photo, which Cook says was only on her Facebook page for 24 hours back in July, Harrison can be seen with his hand on Cook's breast. Make that Cook's bikini-topped breast.

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We could go round and round and round again about whether it's appropriate.

But let's not and say we did, OK? Because the real issue here is that a woman was fired from her job in a public school -- and her fiance reprimanded but not fired -- because of a perfectly legal photo of her on Facebook, and we're supposed to tell our kids what?

That they should be concerned about their teachers' and coaches' personal lives outside of school? That they should be looking to their coaches' and teachers' Facebook photos for morality lessons?

Sorry, but my kid can get lessons on multiplication from her teacher, on how to maneuver a soccer ball around a defender from her coach. I don't need her turning to either one for morality lessons, and I certainly don't need her diving into their personal lives -- a la Facebook -- for what to do vs. what not to do.

Teachers and coaches are human beings. They have personal lives. Sometimes they do perfectly legal things that we might not want our kids to do. What it comes down to isn't what photos teachers are putting on Facebook but what parents are teaching their kids at home.

Teach your kids to take your moral cues from you, teach them that teachers and coaches are just regular human beings, and the world would be a better place.

What would you think if your kid's coach had a photo like this on Facebook?


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