Boy Suspended From School for Wearing a Purse (VIDEO)

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Skylar DavisBack in middle school, I remember having some serious jealousy issues over the girls who had the real Vera Bradley bags in class when I was carrying my knockoff. Well get this: Skylar Davis, a 13-year-old Kansas boy, was suspended for wearing a Vera Bradley purse to school Wednesday (and a real one at that). Not because the purse had anything harmful inside of it. Not because he was trying to swing that aforementioned purse at anyone or cause anyone any harm. Oh, and for the record, he has been wearing it to school since August.

The story goes like this: An official at Anderson County Senior-Junior School insisted that Skylar take the purse off. Skylar told the assistant principal he wouldn't do it. The assistant principal then called Skylar's mom Leslie Willis to pick him up.

The school says that they have a rule against students wearing bags in class, but according to Davis -- girls at his school never get kicked out when they tote their purses around.

Is that so?

Davis' opinion on the whole thing?

It expresses myself and I think everyone else can wear it, so I wear it as well.

I would understand if the middle school actually stuck by the rule that students can't bring their bags to class. However, if girls are allowed to tote their stuff around, then it seems that Skylar has surely been discriminated against for doing the same thing, simply because he's, well, a he. Especially since Skylar has been wearing the bag to school for a few months now, the fact that he's just NOW being asked to remove it is all sorts of wrong.

On another note: If the administration is suspending Skylar for wearing a handbag, I can't help but wonder what they do to kids who cause REAL problems on campus.

Learn more about Skylar's suspension, here:


How would you have reacted if Skylar were your son?


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nonmember avatar Emma

How would I react? The same way that I would react if my daughter told me she wanted those fugly old lady looking bags! I'd say, "honey, they will card us at the door and you need to be 50+ to buy those ugly purses. Pleas pick something else.

All kidding aside, I wouldn't have an issue with it.

kisse... kisses5050

 My kids school.. the rule is ..if it can carry a book it is not to be carried ..boy or girl... we have boys that carry small  satchels with their game device and and phones and pencil boxes..same as girls small bags.. no  purses no book book bags... not a gender thing just a saftey thing.. a girl would be treated the same as a guy.

HRHSh... HRHShawna

Another interview I saw was of a girl who also had been told to put her purse up.  The issue isn't that he wore it.. it's that after he wore it and was asked to put it in his locker, he wore it again.  He got suspended because he defied a teacher.

Cooki... CookiePwnz

Another reason I hate people. Seriously, what happened to being able to express yourself? The kid clearly wasn't doing anything wrong. It's a fucking purse.

Ariel... AriellaRaine

When I was in high school they had the no back pack rule. My male friend fought the school administration with something similar to this. He argued that if girls could carry a purse then guys should be allowed to do so, too.. He won and from then on his "man purse" was never brought up again. I get that women have to carry tampons and whatnot but the rules should apply to all students EQUALLY. If anything, schools should be focusing on the hoochie skirts and tit showing shirts these girls wear. Schools need to go back to measuring skirt/dress lengths and sending them home to change if they fail to meet the requirements.

Ginger Sadler

Can girls carry purses, if so then boys should be able to as well. If girls can't then there shouldn't be an issue on saying boy's can't.

adopt... adoption2013

If that were my son I'd be asking why he wants to carry a purse.  It's certainly not the norm so I'd be concerned that he had gender identification issues that he needed to talk about.

kisse... kisses5050

the year my sister was a sr. the rule was still no shorts. the boys thought it was silly that girls could wear miniskirts  but they could not wear neat knee length shorts. soooo they all bought denim mini skirts identical to what the girls were wearing and wore them to school with their regular polo shirts.... Point made. RUle changed.

Linda Sawyer-Evans

This happened not too far from me, in my state...  Girls are allowed to carry their purses in that district... that is why this is a problem... had the girls been told to put their purses away in their lockers and not have them, he would have followed suite... but he was targeted, cause he was a male carrying a purse... Also, had it been against the rules, they should have done something back when school started in August and not wait 12 weeks later!


In my district, we have a no purse/no backpack rule.

Andrea Evans Nessel

The problem is, as always, you are only hearing one side of the story. As a school administrator, the issue might NOT be the purse but the fact that for whatever reason, he was being told to take it off. I always tell kids, if you disagree, follow the direction anyway (as long as it doesn't hurt you or someone else) and fight your case later, otherwise, you are now being insubordinate. Same thing if you are pulled over or an officer is speaking to you. Follow directions (unless being asked to hurt yourself or another) and fight about it later. After being a recent victim of media let's all make sure to take a step back when reading an article knowing that you may possibly not know the WHOLE story even if you think the article tells EVERYTHING you need to know. Sometimes we are quick to judge, quick to jump to conclusions. Unless and until someone does this to don't know the implications of your quick judgment. Perhaps the principal was wrong, perhaps the principal was not. But there is a LOT of the story missing here, that I can guarantee. I take no sides here, only the side of being open to the fact that perhaps you don't know the entire story from ONE article.

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