Yet Another Scary Reason I Won't Get My Daughter the HPV Vaccine

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vaccineI am, generally speaking, not anti-vaccine. I am, however, anti-HPV vaccines. I've been reading about severe side effects since before I even had children, and now that I do, and with all the new information that has come out, there is no way my daughter is getting the HPV vaccine. Earlier this year one of the lead developers of the HPV vax came out saying how Gardasil and Cervarix are not safe. She said the risk to vaccinate for the human papilloma virus outweighs the risk of getting the virus, which can be treated. The vax hasn't been tested enough and 44 girls have died after getting vaccinated.

There is more evidence that this vax is unsafe. Two sisters, who are now 19 and 20, say they are now infertile and going through early menopause as a result of the HPV vaccine.

Madelyne and Olivia Meylor are sisters from Wisconsin who have filed a suit against the makers of Gardasil, blaming the vaccine for causing their ovaries to stop producing eggs. This is heartbreaking for these two young women, and we all need answers as to whether or not the vax caused this. The Meylors have a hearing with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, a special court that examines these kinds of claims from vaccines.

Merck and Co., the makers of Gardasil, say that there is no evidence to support the sisters' claim. However, the vaccine injury program has shelled out at least $5.9 million to 68 different cases from people who put in claims against the HPV vaccine. So far 63 claims were dismissed and 81 are currently pending.

The Meylor sisters are not only having infertility issues, but symptoms of premature menopause. They were also tested for a few possible genetic causes of these symptoms, but the results were negative, leaving them to firmly believe it's a result of the HPV vax. Both sisters are now on hormone replacement therapy, and hopefully if they want to have children someday, they will be able to thanks to modern medicine. Sadly though, it may be that modern medicine got them in this predicament in the first place.

My daughter will not be getting this vaccine. There are too many claims, too many questions, and too many stories of women with major health issues (some have even died) as a result of being vaccinated against HPV.

What do you think of the HPV vax? Would you vaccinate your daughter? Are you concerned?


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the4m... the4mutts

Good for you, for doing research!

I would NEVER get this shot for my daughters. I was against it from the time it came out. It just didnt seem useful. It only "protected" against a few strains, and most of those strains wouldnt cause permanent damage if they were contracted anyway. Why inject my kids with needless chemicals?

I dont get all their vaccines either. I have 1 fully immunized child, 2 partially immunized, and 1 almost completely without. I always get their hep shots and boosters. But after 1 child had a bad reaction to the MMR, I stopped giving that to all my kids (my oldest already had all his rounds of it) then they started pushing for the chicken pox vaccine, and my 2nd oldest got it, but got chicken pox 3 days later! So I skipped it for my 2 youngest. I have never gotten a flu shot for anyone in my house, and we avoid ppl that have gotten them like the plague.

My oldest and I caught swine flu from the neighbor kids, 2 days after they got their flu shots for the strain of swine flu we came down with. We had to report it to the CDC, so they could monitor the outbreak.

Live, and learn.

MamaD... MamaDV1012

I didn't get it for myself, I'm certainly not getting it for my daughter.  I'm not anti-vax either.  My kids got their other shots.  I even got my Tdap booster 2 years ago.  We are a flu shot family.  I got the intradermal flu shot this year which was AWFUL, my arm was swollen, hard, red, I got nauseous and a headache the following day.  I will never get that type again. 

MamaD... MamaDV1012

It takes a couple of weeks to build a full immunity to the flu shot after it is administered so you need to plan to get it early before the flu is prevalent. 

Daisy... DaisyJupes

It's always important to recognize that the number of people who die from vaccines is significantly smaller than the number prevented from dying from the disease. I would much rather risk dying from a vaccine than the disease. I have the HPV vaccine, the chicken pox one (it's too dangerous at my age to not be protected), and make a point of getting the flu shot. This year, I've been sick with everything but the flu and haven't been healthy enough to get the shot. Now it's too late and I won't have time to build immunity. (it's important to note that when you get the "flu" if you've had the flu shot, it's a flu-like virus and not the much deadlier/worse real flu, which is why it's important to vaccinate against it when you're healthy and well rested.)

As for the sisters, chances are their genetics are playing a big role in it. It could be related to the vaccine, but since it's sisters who are close in age reporting it instead of unrelated women, chances are they would have had issues without the vaccine. 

mamac... mamacalifornia

My daughter & son will NOT be getting this vaccine!

nonmember avatar phyllis

I think all girls should have the HPV vaccine. The4mutts, you are sadly misinformed about some of the things you are talking about. I am a pediatric nurse and my daughters got the vaccine at age 15, as do almost all of my patients. Daisy (above) said it well: "the number of people who die from the vaccines is significantly smaller than the number prevented from dying from the disease." Yes, the Gardasil shot only protects against a few strains of the virus, but those strains are the ones that cause cervical cancer. And the4mutts, you avoid people who've gotten the flu shot like the plague? Explain, please. What do you think you're going to catch from them?

nonmember avatar ruthie

Oy, CafeMom, why do you allow your writers to spread fear and misinformation like this? Shame on you.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Several years ago when his came out I left my gyno because she would NOT get off my case about the HPV shot. I felt, for me, it was unnecessary.. even before we started hearing all these horror stories... 

nonmember avatar Carebear

I chose not to get it and neither will my daughters.

Amber Richardson

I was forced by dcfs and a doctor who said it was medically nessisary, Im starting to do research on it an if push comes to shove, I will be sueing 3 different orginazations

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