Parents Sue for Right to Turn Their 15-Year-Old Gay Son Straight

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gay rightsNew Jersey Governor Chris Christie isn't exactly known for his liberal stances on social issues. He toes the line -- just barely. But one solid thing he did do was ban the practice of 'conversion' therapy for gay teenagers. The ban stops therapists (if you can call them that) from offering therapy to "cure" homosexuality.

Even typing that explanation made a vein in my eyeball bulge with indignation. It's disgusting that this sort of therapy even still exists. It seems completely counterintuitive to the therapeutic process! One family in NJ doesn't agree. They're suing for the right to have their gay teenager son converted.

On the surface, the suit they are bringing forth could read as genuine parental concern. They say their son is hurting. They say that his homosexuality is causing him great distress and has led him to thoughts of suicide. No parent wants their child to be in such anguish. But no decent parent should leap to the idea of professionally repressing the identity the child is struggling with as a reasonable means to an end.

If the boy's parents are so keen on rescuing their son from emotional turmoil that they are willing to sue the state, why aren't they willing to consider a much easier solution? Namely, finding a therapist to help their son work through his feelings of self-loathing. I'll tell you why this isn't an option for them. Because the minute this kid starts dealing with a loving, accepting mental health professional, he'll start to realize that the messages of hate he's turned inwards have an origin -- and that place of origin? It's totally his parents. I hope this poor teenager can escape the grasp of his hate-filled parents and take the steps necessary to embrace his identity.

Do you think these parents are crazy and out of line, or just doing what they think is best? GUESS WHICH SIDE I LAND ON?


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keelh... keelhaulrose

Perhaps the thought that your parents can't accept who you are is leading to his suicidal thoughts?
You know what's going to make it worse? Sending him to someone who tells him he's broken, dirty, and wrong. Because those ideas really help kids love themselves, right?
How about this novel idea? Love your kid unconditionally. Full stop.

redK8... redK8blueSt8

I think that taking away this type of therapy is just as bad as forcing it. Why can't the patient choose? If for whatever reason a homosexual person wants to, why should it be outlawed?

BeccaLS BeccaLS

The reason why conversion therapy (actually aversion therapy) is so bad is because it causes physical pain.

The patient is given drugs that make them violently ill then they are forced to - in the case of homosexuals - watch gay porn and things like that. It takes a while but soon enough the brain starts to associate those images with the pain so even without the drugs they would become physically ill at seeing those types of images or even thinking about them.

No true doctor would be willing to do that - it goes against everything they stand for. It causes great physical harm. It's child abuse, plain and simple. It's just as bad as a mother poisoning her own child to get attention - the only difference is that it used to be legal.

If it's an adult who really wants to do it to themself then I suppose that's different, but a minor? No way.

nonmember avatar CaliBeauty

any other disease is acknowledged and treated accordingly, but not so with is unnatural and goes against the very makeup of human so? every species, each and every one, has an innate sense of do they ensure this survival? by reproducing...our Creator has given each species the ability to naturally reproduce even down to some species that change sexes...that is their natural design...

yet, a homosexual, i don't care what they do or what type of scientific procedures they carry out, will never be able to do even what a cockroach can is an unnatural way to live and goes in direct contradiction to the makeup of a man and woman...

contrary to popular propaganda, not everyone agrees with this perverse lifestyle and not everyone should be pressured to do so...there are people left in this world who, because of their religious convictions (which is their right), do not agree with homosexuality...if parents want to seek help for their child to abandon these unnatural thoughts/behavior, they should be able to do so without being may not like it, but by denigrating someone for having a different set of beliefs than you, you are doing the same thing you claim to resent...

nonmember avatar MommyDearest

So CaliBeauty, the bible speaks of owning slaves and not allowing your wife to speak in church. Is that okay as well? Not in this society. What people need to consider is everything that goes into making a perfect baby. Everything has to fire at the right time, but you know, things occur. Children are born with defective hearts, mental illness, and missing limbs. Is it so unreasonable to think that while something SHOULD be so, it sometimes just ISN'T through no fault of their own? I embrace different, and wish I could hug this young man and tell him it's okay to be gay. There are plenty of people on this planet if he chooses not to be a father but here's a news flash: they're allowing gay people to adopt. And good for them.

missm... missmariah76

I guess calibeauty your right there is a disease. A disease in the minds of people who believe its okay to be intolerant in the name of their God.

Denise Yates

Calibeauty you need some education.

nonmember avatar Jennifer

Calibeauty, why do you care. I have never understood why some people are so anti-homosexuality. Does it effect you in any way? Allowing two consenting adults to love and be loved by someone is not wrong. Nor do I understand why people like you care so much. You should simply accept people and allow them to be who they are and love who they want. Especially since it does not harm you. Our society would be so much kinder and better if we could just accept people and stop all the hatred. It is hateful what those parents are doing. I also want to give their son a hug and tell him it will be ok. Not everyone is full of such hatred. Also there are plenty of heterosexual people who choose not to have children. Should they also be treated the same way.

AliPa... AliParker

Just like mommy dearest said. If you're going to use the bible use it all. You don't get to pick or choose. And I am the farthest thing from religious but I believe the book that way to many people take way to seriously says something about loving everyone and acceptance. And doesn't it also say something about never being allowed to wear denim? So if it does say something about being gay being a sin then I want all the bible thumpers to listen to all those rules too. No women speaking in church, no wearing denim, etc...

And as far as the reproduction goes. The world has more than enough people and so many kids need to be adopted and so many women are willing to be surrogates. And the amount of sperm and eggs donated on a daily basis. The population is fine.

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