6 Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Cringe

Anna Rexia Halloween Costume Surfing the web for Halloween costumes has suddenly become an eyebrow-lifting experience. Alongside Disney princesses and superheroes, come costumes like Anna Rexia (right) and pregnant cheerleaders -- just what every mom is hoping her daughter will be for Halloween.

We're all for funny costumes, but funny and offensive are two entirely different things. The ones we've rounded up here are downright wrong -- definitely more OMG than LOL. What message are these costumes sending kids who can't tell the difference?! And what mother in her right mind would let her child leave the house wearing one?

Take a look and see for yourself. The 5th one will make your jaw drop!

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What would you do if your kid wanted one of these costumes?

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adamat34 adamat34

Its Halloween not real life. Why is EVERYTHING offensive now days??? Good grief. If you dont like them, dont buy/wear these costumes.

the4m... the4mutts

*eye roll* big whoop.

duein... dueinjune09

seriously the muslim one is no big deal their have been pregnant nun or horny preist or slutty nun for as long as i can remember and as a catholic i take absoluttely no offense at them.  why is it considered ok to mock christianity and every other religion but not the muslim religion? it's just so silly, its a joke get a damn sense of humor! Why is it that we have decided it is perfectly acceptable to mock and trivialize EVERY  single other religion, but act disgusted if anyone criticize, mocks or make light of the muslim religion??

Rosas... RosasMummy

Tarts and vicars party's are ok but a sexy Arabic costume is not?

B1Bomber B1Bomber

I'm lost as to what makes the "naughty leopard" costume naughty or leopard. The tights, lace, and puffy skirted dress don't seem particularly cat-like to me.

I think it's a cute costume with a stupid name.

Rando... Randomlady

The skeleton one doesn't scream anorexic to me, it screams costume that can be worn all day and still have a halloweeny feel to it. I like the pregnant cheerleader one, especially since it is a guy wearing it, it's humorous. Naughty leopard doesn't look catlike at all, and I think since it is a toddler costume can be incredibly accurate, toddlers from time to time (every 10 minutes or so) are naughty so why not? Again it's all in good fun. Some people take holidays so seriously.

xsmum xsmum

Lol you need to update this the naughty leopard was taken off the shelves 3 weeks ago because of the uproar. The world war two costume if my little girl wanted dress up like piece of history why not . Those naughty ones and pregnant cheerleader are in adult section because its for adults and if my teen asked me it would be a no until she or he was adult. I seen way worse

Emily... EmilyRenae6491

I think they meant naughty as in mischevous, just because we as adults (who aren't really acting like adults) take naughty to mean something sexual (ie naughty nurse and naughty nun) doesn't mean that it is geared to be sexual. 

Besides the fact that you can get your toddler to believe that they are the cheshire cat with that costume instead of having them run around and say I am a naughty leopard.

Shlamoof Shlamoof

People nowadays are way too easily offended.  The Anne Frank one is in HONOR of Anne Frank, not to make fun of her.  I think the pregnant cheerleader is supposed to be a spin-off of Quinn from Glee which was a super popular show, and the skeleton... that is something that I would have made myself with no thoughts whatsoever about Anorexia.  Come on!  The only one that I thought was unsettling in the least was the middle-eastern one and I didn't find it that way until I read what you wrote about it.  I still wouldn't throw a fit and call for removal, it's just a costume.  Seems to me like this is just another article trying to cause drama and controversy just to put even more companies under scrutiny.  And people wonder why there are no jobs *eye roll*  STOP BASHING COMPANIES FOR SELLING THEIR OWN PRODUCTS!!!

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