Parents Have Their Kids Arrested for Throwing a Party While They're Away

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keg partyIt's the stuff sitcoms are made of: Parents unexpectedly returning home from a trip a day early to find their house has been hijacked by partying teens. As with most clichés, though, this kind of thing actually happens fairly often. Just ask the Connecticut mom and dad who -- you guessed it -- recently returned home from a trip a day early to find that their two daughters, ages 15 and 16, decided to throw a raging keg party in their absence. Couldn't have been toooo much of a surprise, right? 

Except what happened next was most likely a HUGE surprise to those aforementioned party-loving daughters.

Instead of their parents grounding them for life (after kicking everybody around the house, of course), this particular set of parents called the cops ... and had their own kids arrested!! The girls were arrested and charged with "permitting a minor to possess alcohol;" an officer called the parents' rather bold disciplinary move "the right thing to do."

Hmm. The right thing to do? I'm not entirely sure about that, personally. On the one hand, these girls will probably never throw a keg party for a bunch of underage pals again. So, in that sense, disciplinary mission accomplished, parents! On the other hand, this little incident is now on record. Their mugshots will be floating around on the internet forever. Is that really something you want to saddle your kid with, especially right around college application time? I mean, sure, way to drive home the point about actions having consequences and whatnot, but is it really in anybody's best interest to get the law involved in a case like this?

I don't know, maybe I'm just a parental pushover (okay, definitely), but I just can't see giving my kid such a big, official strike against her when she's just starting out in life. Maybe, like, the 5th time she pulled something like this -- but not the first.

Would you have your kids arrested for throwing a party when you weren't home?

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the3Rs the3Rs

Damn straight I would.  I can't believe you think they're being too harsh.

nonmember avatar Pam

If any of the partygoers had gotten behind the wheel and killed themselves or someone else the parents of the hosts would be sued. In some states, parents have been arrested for underage parties when they weren't even home at the time. Think before you write a garbage piece like this. Underage parties can have stiff financial consequences and can be deadly to inexperienced underage attendees.

JennJ... JennJenn616

we don't know that it was the first time that they had done something out of line like that.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

I disagree with what the parents did because although their daughters may have lost their trust. Now they have lost their daughters' trust, which means if either daughter gets in a dangerous situation involving alcohol they would be less inclined to reach out to their parents for help or a safe ride home. Sure they should have been "grounded for life" but I think calling the cops was bit over kill.

nonmember avatar J

How do you know they haven't pulled this crap a ton before and the 'grounded for life' slap on the wrist wasn't enough? I think it's up to the individual circumstance and what the parents think needs to happen. If I had kids going way down the wrong path, absolutely I'd call! Sometimes its the wake up call a kid needs if they've been running over the parents prior.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

If I had a cop friend who could scare them I'd do that but official action seems a bit much. I think having a cop tell them what could have happened would be enough.

nonmember avatar AmandaG

I live in CT and here the parents can be held criminally responsible for the party, I believe even if it happened without their knowledge. So considering the laws, yes their daughters needed to be charged to make them realize just how serious this party really was. Considering their ages, the charges may stay only on a sealed juvenile record having less affect on colllege.

Rebec... Rebecca7708

They're minors. It will likely be pleaded out for lesser charges and it won't be on their adult records. I think they did the right thing. Parents are afraid to actually parent these days, so good for them for taking a stand. I can't imagine they made the decision lightly.


College is a big deal, but dead or maimed bodies is bigger.If their college aspirations are quashed ,well they brought it on themselves.And frankly walking in on a kegger going on would be a surprise.There are well brought up kids who play by the rules.

Coles... Coles_mom

I agree with some of the above posters...I would've called too because if they wouldn't have and someone would have been hurt/killed, the PARENTS would be held responsible...since they technically knew. Some lessons are learned hard.

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