Kris Jenner Reveals Something That Could Devastate Her Daughters

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kendall and kylie jennerI think Kris Jenner has finally gone too far. Sure, the woman has made a lot of questionable moves in order to secure fame for her family -- but lots of people have. However, one recent comment since the split with husband Bruce Jenner is over-the-top even for her. The worst part is, it will surely devastate her two youngest daughters, Kendall and Kylie.

In an interview with New You magazine, Kris said:

The one regret, if I had to do it over, would be divorcing Robert Kardashian.

That's just cold-blooded Kris. Cold-blooded. She divorced Robert in 1991 and married Bruce one month later. Despite the fact that their 22-year marriage is crumbling, there must have been something good to come out of it. At least she goes on to say, "But then there wouldn't have been Kendall and Kylie, so that's the way I look at it."

Still, those words will likely hurt the two teens. Bruce is their father, after all. And they clearly love and support him. In the days since news of the separation has broke, they have been photographed by his side, even giving the paparrazzi the middle finger along with dear old dad.

She should have more respect for both Bruce and her daughters. She isn't the only one going through this public, messy, and painful split. But Kris is doing something that a lot of divorcing parents are guilty of. It's hard not to be a little self-centered during the early stages. For the first time in years or maybe even decades, you are free. Free to do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want.

If you have grown to look at your relationship as some sort of jail sentence or misery, the new-found freedom can go to your head and you run the risk of only thinking of yourself. I worry that this is what Kris may be doing. The entire family would be better off if she kept this one aspect of their lives out of the press and off-camera.

What do you think of the way Kris is handling the separation?


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LeeshaE LeeshaE

I don't like her but at least she's being honest. My parents were divorced and my mom has since passed away but my father still considers my mother the love of his life and it doesn't bother my stepmother one bit. In fact she makes sure he makes regular trips to visit my mom's grave.

Victoria Bardsley

I could have sworn that these two girls finding out that most people don't really care about them would have been what she said. They're nothing more than spoiled little brats.

nonmember avatar Kargrossians

The daughters are Wh#res because their mother is a direspectful Wh#re.Its easy to see where they get it.They are also disrespectful of black women how they constantly run around flaunting their trendy,fashion accessory black bfs right in bw's d#mn face.

Kay Phipps

i hope she doesnt marry a black man, oy!

youth... youthfulsoul

I've said the same thing even though I'm remarried too. I think it's more about the fantasy that could have been than the reality. If the reality were so good the divorce never would have happened to start with, right?

Claudia Mendoza Beisner

So does this mean their show will be cancelled? If so, thank goodness!!!

Myoma K Chilala

That is plain mean and if I were Kendall and Kylie I would be so pissed with Kris right now... So what is with the pictures she is taking with Bruce like really??

nonmember avatar sarai

Are there really still women out there concerned with what men they aren't dating are doing. I must have missed that boat because I could give a damn about what color woman any black man is dating. Hell, I didn't look for color when I was dating. I was looking for love not a skin tone, some people are just ignorant.

Sher Begay

  Shje is self centered aand only cares about one person herself;and what  she gets out of it!! She is greedy just like Kim and only wants all the attention on herself.  She could care less about Bruce or the girls and their feelings.

nonmember avatar amy

I think many of the article's written on this site are super off in many ways. This one being a perfect example. I'm not a huge fan of the Kardashians, but what the heck is wrong with her admitting her regrets, she never once said she regretted the girls at all. And as far as this seperation being messy, it certainly isn't close to messy yet. Stop jumping the gun, they just were posting pictures yesterday on Twitter of hanging out. Do I think it will get messy? Perhaps because there's hundreds of millions of dollars at stake... But as of right now it seems to be a completely amicable split that they are both happy with. I just think most of the articles written on here are full of judgmental thoughts that aren't expressed well. It's tasteless and tacky.

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