Supermodel Admits Her Teen Daughters Made Her Cry 'Every Day'

Women love to go on and on about how precious and wonderful their children are, which isn't to say they aren't, but let's get real for a moment here: Children can be absolutely awful sometimes! They can say terrible things. Do things that totally disappoint you. They can lie, cheat, steal, and manipulate just like adults! Hey, we're all human. Especially once kids grow into teens, well, get out the Xanax, because they just might drive you insane. But rarely do women -- especially celebrities -- admit this. That's why it's refreshing to hear Yasmin Le Bon, famous for being married to Duran Duran frontman Simon, and for being a 48-year-old model who somehow still looks about 30, talk about how her three daughters broke her heart.


In an interview with Red magazine, Yasmin, who has three teen daughters (with the unique names of Amber, Saffron, and Tallulah Pine), says about being a mom to teen girls:

All I can say is brace, brace ... It's when the shoulders keep coming up. Every time you walk into a room, the shoulders come up. It’s actually hysterical to begin with, then it stops being hysterical quite soon. I found it very difficult, I really did. I found myself crying every day.
I felt very sorry for them, too -- equally you can see them going through a lot of pain -- but there is nothing like it, nothing comes close to how your children can hurt you, it's extraordinary.

Yasmin doesn't say specifically what her daughters were doing to hurt her -- but I imagine that with their "shoulders coming up," it was that teen thing where they just entirely reject you as a human being.

Rejecting your parents is a natural way of growing up. Sometimes, however, that's done in a brutal fashion. I quite remember some of my sharp words and nasty attitude when I was a teen with my adult relatives, and I was probably much better than most.

But I think it's really important to realize this is a healthy part of becoming a mature adult. Yes, your kids rejecting you is healthy. That does not mean you have to tolerate disrespectful behavior, or name calling, or heaps of bad attitude.

It does mean you should not take all of these things personally. It's difficult, but detaching in the face of being called a "terrible mother" or whatever is essential.

Besides, once your teens are out of teenhood, they will come back around and regret their earlier attitude! They may even be ashamed. Hopefully, they make up for it with a wonderful adulthood.

Are your teens ever mean to you? Are you worried about it?

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