Teen Reactions to 'The Fox' Are as Fun to Watch as the Original (VIDEO)

Remember that crazy awesome viral music video from a few weeks ago that asked the quintessential question, "What does the fox say?" Put out by the Norwegian group Ylvis, “The Fox” is chock-full of furries that appear to be on crack doing Gangham-inspired choreography, nonsensical lyrics, and even a CGI animated dancing fox. It’s pretty spectacular.

Also spectacular is this reaction video from teens watching it. Some have seen it before, like 18-year-old Rumor, who at one point starts dancing along. Others are just being introduced to it, and their reactions are much like mine was when I watched for the first time. Bryson, 14, just keeps putting his hands in the air, and at one point adds, “I just don’t know what to say!”


I don’t know what to say either kids, but your reactions to “The Fox” are just as priceless and entertaining as the video itself.


My favorite teen reaction comes from 17-year-old Alix, who said near the end of the song, “I love this because it’s just like ... weird as hell.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

What do you think about "The Fox"? Weird, funny, or both?

Image via The Fine Bros/YouTube

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