Teenage Lovers Run Away When Girl's Mom Objects to Their Relationship

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Two families in Michigan are desperate to find their runaway teenagers. Jayden Thomas and her boyfriend Braxton Wood (age 13, and 14 respectively) have been missing since Monday. The two decided to flee because their parents questioned the intensity of their relationship. I can't imagine how they are feeling in light of their children's recent flight. 

Of course they must be distraught. That's a given. These kids are just that -- kids. At ages 13 and 14 their parents have barely had time to adjust to the onset of adolescence. No wonder tensions were running high. The adults were only just learning how to speak to their developing children. Ugh, this is just so frustrating and sad. Whatever pressure the kids were feeling, running away should not have been an option. There are so many other resources and I wish these two had known that.

Obviously as a younger teenager the weight of the world can feel like such a heavy thing. While Jayden and Braxton clearly didn't feel like talking to their parents was an option, this is where school counselors can be ideal. Speaking with an adult who you don't live with can provide just the right amount of distance and insight. Many of them are also glad to act as mediators between the children and their parents. 

Unfortunately, Jayden and Braxton had no such adult ally. The kids took provisions with them when they left. These included a video gaming console and just under a $100. This must make them feel confident about their success on the road, but it's done nothing to soothe Jayden's mom, Kelly Drinkwine who was quoted as saying:

"There are mean, horrible people out there. Just come home, baby. Just come home."

The couple was originally thought to have fled to Florida. But, with so little cash, it is now suspected that they are still relatively close to home. Police continue to look for the teens whose absence, I'm sure has upset their entire community. 

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Mama2... Mama2MonkeyBoys

Adults too quickly forget how intense and real their emotions felt at that age, and are hasty to dismiss their children's feelings as "puppy love" or "inappropriate." But it's important to remember that this (likely) is the first time your son or daughter is experiencing that kind of "love," and that they are at an incredibly stressful time, emotionally, developmentally, socially... They're basically little time bombs, and you have to tread very, very lightly if you think they're heading in the wrong direction, or they will explode.

I truly hope those two come to their senses and come home, but I also hope their parents will try to understand them and work through this with them, rather than punish them by keeping them apart. Because that will only fuel the fire.

Sarah Hines

I'm sure they will find them! I agree with you though. If they didn't feel comfortable talking to their parents then there is a counselor or school counselor! Mama2MonkeyBoys I agree with you too. I'm not a parent yet and I hope that one day my kid(s) will talk to me. I was lucky enough to have a mom I could talk to about anything. Anyway I hope they find their kiddos :\ I can't imagine what they are going through!

Ally Swarrow

How the hell did this even happen?

jessi... jessicasmom1

this is so scary I feel super bad for the families

count... countrygirlkat

That is so scary and so sad.  I hope they come home soon and come home safe.

timon95 timon95

wow, how intense was their relationship starting to get? no way will my kids be dating at 13 or 14, kids are not mature enough at that age. parenting and society has become so lax with kids these days.

godde... goddess99

Wow I can't even imagine. Hope they are found safe soon.

johnn... johnny4ever

I have been following this story on our news here In NW Ohio..they are still missing

Bmat Bmat

Oh my! Those poor families.

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