'Teen Mom' Mackenzie Douthit Was Destined to Get Pregnant Again With a Mom Like This

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Mackenzie Douthit McKeeTeen Mom has its critics, but the show continues to share real life situations parents have with their teenagers, and this week's Teen Mom 3 episode was no exception. Mackenzie Douthit McKee had a tussle with her mom about birth control. The teenager wanted on it. The mom? She was dead set against it.

It seems Angie Douthit doesn't believe in sex before marriage, and she doesn't believe in teenage girls going on birth control. Anyone want to guess how she ended up a grandmother before her daughter turned 17?

Shot a year ago, the episode shows Mackenzie shortly after the birth of son Gannon. That means what we saw on TV happened prior to her second pregnancy (which we just heard about last month) and prior to her marriage to boyfriend Josh McKee. At the time, Josh was sleeping over at the Douthit house once a week to lend a hand with his son, but Angie Douthit mandated that the two teenagers sleep in separate rooms to prevent any hanky panky.

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I hear her on that. One grandbaby before graduation is enough; she doesn't need to encourage two teens to sleep together and risk a second one!

But I was puzzled by her attitude about birth control. She flat-out told a teenage mother NOT to go on birth control because she doesn't support sex before marriage.

Does Angie Douthit not know HOW her daughter ended up pregnant? Who is the adult here?

Parents need to be ready to talk about sex with our kids. Period. We need to be able to talk to our kids about what might happen, not just what we WANT to happen. We need to be able to talk about birth control and the realities of what birth control is.

Birth control is not an indication that our kids are going to jump in the sack. In fact, studies have shown that increased access to condoms does NOT increase a child's likelihood of having sex or lower the age at which they lose their virginity. That access to birth control DOES, however, make for safer sex when it does happen.

This is what Mackenzie clearly had in mind -- and good for her. She knew that she'd once planned for abstinence with Josh but that abstinence didn't happen; pregnancy did. As she told her mom, she wasn't planning on sleeping with Josh anytime soon, but she didn't want to get carried away and have baby number two.

Credit goes to Mackenzie for having the wherewithal to make her own doctor's appointment, talk to the physician about a birth control method that would be stable and not affect her diabetes, and for going through with the IUD insertion. She was thinking ahead.

But watching her alone in a hallway outside the doctor's office, texting her mom about the IUD because she was too afraid to talk to her face to face about the birth control, I was overwhelmed by sadness. I remember being that kid who was terrified to talk to her parents about birth control. It didn't make for a good situation.

I refuse to do that to my kid. I refuse to have a kid so scared to talk to me about birth control that she plans for abstinence and, when it doesn't happen, ends up a teen mom because there was no preventative measure in place to protect her. 

Because that's what talking about birth control with our kids is -- it's not encouraging sex; it's protecting them if sex happens.

Mackenzie's mom failed to protect her kid. Is it any wonder she ended up pregnant twice before age 19?

What did you think of Mackenzie's mom's attitude? Was she right?


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BeSwe... BeSweet707

This is her 3rd pregnancy. She suffered a miscarriage before Gannon. So her mother should be supportive.

Elaine Cox

so the girl needed her moms permission to make her man put a raincoat on?...her body her choice...take a ride to walmart and pick up a pack of trojans and quit trying to blame others for your choices...

adamat34 adamat34

I agree with Elaine. There.are numerous over the counter birth control methods. She doesnt need.permission to buy these, walmart has them all!! Second, I do agree with the mom not wanting the sex going.on in her house. I have a 15 yr old and no way is that going.on in my home either!!

Chana... Chanandler.Bong

I was raised to be abstinent, too. My mom didn't have me put on birth control because of religious beliefs. Guess what? I didn't get pregnant. Condoms are amazing inventions. And even though the kid is a teenager, she's been through childbirth once, which is no picnic, so you would think she would look into other forms of birth control. At some point, you should probably take responsibility for your own actions.

jec72579 jec72579

Going to the Dr, and talking to her Mother WAS taking responsibility for her actions, you nimrods! She was practically BEGGING someone to parent her, and she was let down by a HORRIBLE mother. And for those who say they'd do the same thing, yes, you are BAD parents yourselves.

livel... livelaughlove88

yes you can buy condoms at walmart ... yes she could have just done that but ya know what ... condoms break ... and sometimes when your a teenager and everything gets going you may not have any with you and honestly in the heat of the moment most people would not stop and say "o we need to go to walmart first" ... she was being responsible. she was trying to get help in a different way ... something that you dont have to remember to buy when your running low on them or remember to put on. she was thinking practically. thats how i was. i got pregnant with my first child at 17 ... after that i got on birth control just to be extra safe because when i got pg we were using condoms. stuff happens. even on bc it can happen. but its better the try whatever possible to prevent it and to think practically and realisticly. as far as her mom goes ... she is wrong for not taking that into consideration. so what if you dont condone sex before marriage. her daughter already had one baby shes already had sex (before marriage) and look what happened. why not atleast attempt to keep that from happening again?

nonmember avatar Brittany

Yeah, this is her 3rd pregnancy. That's why I'm confused at how they refer to Gannon on Teen Mom. They act like he was her 1st. But in reality she had already carried a baby to almost full term.

nonmember avatar mommyof3

I think Mackenzie was right to get on birth control because anything could happen, ANYWHERE. It doesnt always have to be in the home of the parents, something could easily happen at a friends house for instants, if the girl wants on birth control I say go for it because condoms arent 100% and birth control doesnt always work by itself. She wants to be safe JUST IN CASE and there is NOTHING wrong with that.

nonmember avatar Sarina

I don't think it makes her mother a bad one, but it does make her foolish. Hello! It's 2013. Teens are having premarital sex. Your daughter is on Teen MOM. She's already had a child. Birth control should have been a no brainer after the fact. You believe in abstinence? Fine. Your daughter didn't, and she took preventative measures for herself by getting the IUD. I don't understand her mother's thought process. I refuse to be that mom that her child is afraid to talk to. No way.

Caitlin Reisigl

I agree with some others on here. Yes, her mom needed to be better about allowing her to have bc so she wouldn't get pregnant again BUT you cannot go blaming her mom because her daughter had sex again. It doesn't work that way. Young or old...your actions are your responsibility. Doesn't mean someone can't help you with them but don't put the blame on them. Also for the people calling her mom a bad parent, that is a little mean. Just because she is trying to prevent her daughter from getting bc and having sex doesn't make her a bad parent. You all have no idea how her mom is rationalizing this situation. She may be thinking that Mackenzie won't have sex if she doesn't get the bc because she is too scared to get pregnant again. Until you know what she's thinking and trying to do with her child, don't be cruel and rude.

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