'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Takes a Stand Against Teen Pregnancy

Maci BookoutMaci Bookout has always kind of been known as the Queen Bee of the MTV Teen Moms. She is responsible, smart, on a good path, and a great mom to her son Bentley. But that doesn't mean becoming a teen mother was easy or that she would recommend it to other girls.

Bookout tweeted to her fans the other day and stood up against teen pregnancy by pointing out the costs and urging young girls to save for college instead. I am sure she will get flak, but she is absolutely right to stand up against teen pregnancy and she is the perfect person to do so.

Teens need to know the realities of teen motherhood. But as parents, I think the best way to prevent teen pregnancy is to help kids set goals. Kids who have goals beyond motherhood/babies don't have teen pregnancies. See what Maci said below:

You'll spend around $10,000 dollars in the first year of parenthood. be responsible, and save that money for college! #noteenpreg

So what does goal setting mean? It means making sure that girls have college (and beyond) in mind. It means making sports a priority and making sure there are plenty of extracurricular activities that encourage good behavior. A girl who wants to be a lawyer and sees the path to get there isn't likely to jeopardize her future by getting pregnant.

That may not ALWAYS be true. Sure, some girls get pregnant who were upwardly mobile and had goals (girls like Maci), but those girls also manage to make something of themselves anyway. It's just that much harder.

It's the girls who have no goals and no other plans for their lives who end up ruining their lives by having children too young. Kids are hard. They are expensive. And they are time consuming. No matter how much you love them (and you will), they change your lives permanently.

I doubt mothers who became mothers too young regret what happened in the sense that they would give up their child. But I am guessing girls who had goals in mind and a lot of ambition wish they'd waited.

Maci is the perfect person to stand up and say: Hey, I did this. But don't you do it, too. It didn't ruin my life, but it made it a hell of a lot harder. Bravo to her.

Do you think Maci is being hypocritical here?


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worki... workingmama86

I am sure people will speak out and call her a hypocrite. But in fact she is not, she is just experienced in that sense. I was a teen mom, but I would not recommend this "lifestyle" to anyone. Sure I grew up much faster than everyone else, but I also missed out on a lot of opportunity and actually having that "teen life". 

And at 26 years old, I am still making up for my mistakes and struggling more than those who waited until after they had careers to have children. 

Todd Vrancic

No, she is sharing her experience.  I'm sure she wouldn't trade her child for anything, but she is saying that if she had it to do over again, she would have waited.

nonmember avatar shay

i like the fact she is standing up against teen perg and i have to say she is a role model to me and should be a role model to every young girl out there. she has the experiance to say what she did.young girl need to look at macis life and see how hard it really is to be a teen mom<3!!!!!!

Tina Martin

Maci know what teen Mom was like cause is a teen MOm herself so she wants to help the rest of the teen so they will wait to they get older and finish college and get married

Heather Stephenson

I wouldn't say they are ruining their lives though. 

devsm... devsmom98

She is being hypocritical..she is not the perfect person to be saying this..she is saying she did this but ur not good enough to..u want a perfect person to take a stand against teen pregnancy? Go get "miss crackhead" from the ghetto whos kids dont have enough to eat..that would be a perfect person to take a stand against teen pregnancy..that would be a perfect person to say " hey if u get pregnant at 16 this is what will happen".. Maci is part of a group of girls who glamour-izes it..

Megan... MegansMom09

There is nothing hypocritical about a teen mom encouraging teen girls to hold off on having kids. It just means she's learned a lot from all the lessons life has given to her. And I think it's absolutely right that girls who have goals aside from being moms are less likely to become teen mothers. Growing up, all I ever wanted to be was a stay at home mom. And my parents encouraged it. Not that there's anything wrong with being a stay at home mom, but girls need more than that as a goal in life. I never wanted to go to college, and my parents never pressured me to. And then they were surprised when I ended up pregnant at 17. Well, Mom and Dad, what did you expect? I'd already graduated high school, and had no other goals, desires, or dreams in life. I had nothing else to do. Now, I'm not saying that I regret it. Life as a mom has been a blast, and I wouldn't trade my little girl for the world. But. That does not mean I'd recommend that choice to other girls. It has also made my life significantly harder. Even my dream of being a stay at home mom has not come true, as I have had to work to support us for most of my daughter's life. But at least through it all, I have found a career path I would like to pursue (aside from motherhood), and have put myself through college. True, I still dream of being a stay at home mom. But I'm OK with the fact that it's not likely to happen any time real soon.

RoseFan1 RoseFan1

shes not being hypocritical, shes being smart! shes learned from her mistakes(NOT SAYING HE IS A MISTAKE BY ANY MEANS!!) and is trying to get girls to use their brains about it. its not glamorous to be a teen mom, or a young mom. its not cameras and attention, its mothering, usually by yourself. shes being a role model, and let me tell you, Id rather have HER as my daughters role model over Miley Cyrus. JUST SAYING!

Melanie Marie Lozeau

YES , there ruining there lives .. i was 18 with a new born stopped me from having my teen age life i could of stayed in school and finished high school instead i had a premature baby .. who weighed 4 lbs 3 ounces .. at 18 there is no such thing is love .. men all want sex... and partying isnt every thing i should of gotten a job and done something with my life i have regrets now

Brandy Foy

Having a baby doesn't mean your life is ruined. I was married at nineteen, had my first son a month before my twenty first birthday, and just had my second last month. I guess I'm technically not a "teen mom," but everyone keeps saying how moms in their twenties are the new "teenage mothers" and I'm personally a little offended by this. I owned my own home when I was 20, and we have just purchased our second home. Apart from the mortgage and a small car loan, we are debt free. I have five classes left until I have my bachelor's degree. I have traveled to four different continents. By comparison, most of my classmates who held off on marriage and children are barely earning their associates, are still renting, and somehow have accumulated large amounts of debt.  My grandparents were married with a child at seventeen. They own and operate their own extremely sucessful business and are about to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary. Pregnancy doesn't have to ruin a life, it's a matter of prioritizing and setting goals.

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