Hate Letter Written to Family of Autistic Teen Reveals Jaw-Dropping Ignorance & Cruelty (VIDEO)

hate letter teen with autismImagine getting a letter that tells you everyone would be better off if you'd just euthanize your child and donate his body to science. The family of a teen with autism received a hate letter saying that and more. The letter was sent anonymously (of course, the coward) to the teen's grandmother's house, where he has been staying through the summer. If the letter was meant to hurt the Begleys, it worked. 

In the letter, the writer complains about the noise the teen, Max makes (among other things). Max's mother, Karen, says Max needs to play outside, and that his grandmother's back yard is the safest place for him. But really, this letter isn't even about the noise (which the writer claims scares her own children). This letter is about how resentful one person is to find herself in close proximity to a special-needs child. It reveals so much willful ignorance and myopia I can't help wondering if the writer is mentally handicapped herself.

letter to mother of teen autism

I almost don't even know where to begin pulling quotes here -- the entire thing is so awful. Who does this? Unfortunately I think we all know that being a mother does not turn you into a saint. If anything, the sacrifices and the constant drain on your resources can sometimes bring out the worst in people, as seems to be the case here. I think most of us would agree this letter says a whole lot more about the writer than about whether a boy with autism deserves to live among his fellow human beings.

But if we can get past the cruelty and hatred in this letter for a moment, I want to focus on a question many parents face. What do you say to people who resent the "special treatment" parents of special-needs kids think they're supposedly entitled to -- and I say that last part with a giant eye roll. Parents of special-needs kids don't have a sense of entitlement; They're too weary from waging the daily, draining battle of providing what their children simply NEED.

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Should special-needs kids get "special treatment"? Yeah, if that's what you call the specific resources they need to maintain a decent quality of life. And usually that's still not going to put a special-needs kid on the same level as an ordinary kid in terms of quality of life. Still, the majority of us have agreed that we are going to accept all kinds of children, and do our best collectively to make sure they live out their full potential. A few selfish individuals may not be on board with that idea, but it looks like most of Max Bagley's neighbors are.

Are you surprised at the hateful tone of this letter?


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Stephanie Kirchenwitz

The letter writer needs to be euthanized or her children removed so there are not more people being raised this way - Very sad for the family :(

katyq katyq

Wow thats apalling. I don't even understand her being irritated. We all sort of cope with anything a child does when we know they have some sort of hsndicap. It's automatic. This neighbor s a total bitch. God forbid she ever birth a special needs child.

Irela... Ireland69

Karma! God don't like ugly!

mamat... mamatreat

I just have a hard time believing this was written by a mother.  I know there are some really awful people out there-but a mother wrote this?  Crazy.  We should all descend on their block and make dreadful noises.  If her children are so "scared" perhaps she should educate them on the fact that every child is different. Oh wait- she can't since she cannot possibly accept the fact that every child makes different noises- Autistic or not.

Jaimi... Jaimielorai

I would assume this could be seen as bullying, I would say check fingerprints whatever and bust the person and put them out there news wish for the public to see, thus letting the world judge them and see how they fair!

Jennifer Urato

are you fuckin kidding me???? and she calls her self a mother!!!!!!! I hope her kids see what she wrote! what a disgusting waste of human life!

Crystal Cotey

Who ever wrote this was not brave enough to sign their name and what does that say. Big words when they are hidden behind a mask. Reality is this person is a coward and knows they are wrong for this. Remember they will be seen by gods eyes and he knows who wrote the letter.

nonmember avatar Patricia

Please come live next to me.

nonmember avatar Sandi

Hitler had a program for the extermination of the physically and mentally handicapped. Perhaps she would have been happier living under the Nazis in Europe in the 1940s. Heaven forbid her next child has autism.

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