10 Movies About High School That Can Teach Teens How to Survive It

Mean GirlsSometimes I watch the Disney Channel with my daughter (because she's 8 and I'm a glutton for punishment), and I wonder whose idea of teenagehood I'm watching. Even the most entertaining things I watch on television or in the movie theaters tend to look nothing like the real high school years I went through.

Sadly, kids think they do. They watch High School Musical (wait, am I dating myself?) or Ferris Bueller's Day Off (REALLY dating myself here) and think, "Man, oh man, high school sounds AWESOME!"

So what movies do reflect high school? What movies should our kids be watching?

I don't think any of them are perfect -- they are MOVIES, after all -- but here are a few I want my daughter to see before she starts high school. Some of them are fun, some sad, but all have some lessons worth learning.

What is your favorite high school movie?


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since... sincerelyjessxo

These are good ideas. Cyberbully is a good one too.

galin... galinamommy2011

a good one for christian teens is saved. real teen problems in a very religous setting.

nonmember avatar Duffi

I think Thirteen is a good one.

caleb... calebsmama12312

agreed duffy. But not only for the kid, parents as well.

gabe05 gabe05

Thanks for reminding me about Dead Poet's Society.  I loved that movie!

pj2be... pj2becca21

Some of these no child should see.

nonmember avatar Me

What about american pie? Lol I was a senior when it came out and apart all the gross humor and guys masturbation I could totally relate, even if I wasnt a virgin anymore. Most hs movies are totally unrealistic and I always had a hard time with 20 somethings with professional hair and makeup artists playing angsty highschoolers, I wouldnt sit my kids down and say this is hs, watch this but I think many movies have parts that work in reality. The loner doesnt always get the hot guy at the end, the right college wont always accept you, your team wont always win etc

anono... anonomyssy

Saved gets my vote too...and Romey and Michelle...isn't that the truth, the total geeks are super successful, and the Joe football cool guys are working construction and hanging out at the local bar.  Fun list.

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