‘Camp Gyno’ Tampon Ad Is the Best Way to Introduce Your Daughter to Her Period (VIDEO)

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camp gynoI never say this, but I absolutely love this tampon commercial. Really. When was the last time someone said those words to you? Okay, fine, about a month ago when we saw this amazing Russian tampon ad. But this one is even better. "Camp Gyno" is about the future, parents. It's the future of your daughters' periods.

In this ad for HelloFlo (a tampon delivery service), a young teen girl becomes the queen bee of her camp just because she was the first to get her period. Instead of being horrified or embarrassed, it ups her social standing. She becomes an expert, highly sought-after for advice like the great high priestess of menstruation. And then it all goes to her head and she abuses her power and that's when the other campers start receiving first period starter kits ... but that's not the point. The point is, I want to live in a world where this actually happens.

I just love the way this commercial normalizes periods, dragging it out of the taboo trunk and making it the rite of passage that it should be. This is something like the third time I've written about making periods more awesome in as many months (like my roundup of first period gifts and rituals). And I don't know, maybe I was traumatized a little by getting my period ahead of my peers. It was definitely not awesome. NO ONE was seeking advice from me. (But maybe that's a good thing, because I would have gone the way of the Camp Gyno, too.)

I don't have a tween or teen daughter, so I don't know what the menstrual landscape looks like nowadays. Have girls moved on? Are they more relaxed about the whole thing? Have we made enough jokes about it now to neutralize its dark power? I hope so. I don't dispute that it's messy and inconvenient and makes you achy and saps your energy. But it also marks an important transition in a girl's life -- you will soon have the power to create life. You can choose not to use that power, but still, you have it. That's profound. Just because it happens to almost every girl doesn't make it any less amazing.

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox. Even if you're not into my Red Tent trip, you'll have to admit -- this commercial is freakin' adorable. It is the best tampon ad ever in the history of tampon commercials. Go away, the rest of you tampon ads, with your leaping about in white pants and your vials of blue liquid. Who bleeds blue liquid?!? You have to see this.

Do you think teens now feel differently about their periods than you did when you were a teen?


Image via HelloFlo/YouTube

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Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I agree that a girl's period shouldnt be some taboo subject and that she should feel free to speak about it with women who are close to her in her life, but seriously..This commercial is a little obnoxious. 

The idea of a monthly "care package" is pretty neat though...

nonmember avatar sarah

Too cute. Wish they this when I was younger.

mamacam7 mamacam7

Maybe I'm weird but I was the first to get my period out of my peers (age 10) and I wasn't embarrassed. I was actually proud and felt more grown up and mature. I actually bragged about it to my best friend lol. We had a contest of who would get it first. I beat her by about 4 years. This was 17 years ago.

Rebecca Lea Blakeney

Girls seem kinda young in this ad.  Whatever happened to girls getting it at 14?  That's how old I was, but that was 30 some odd years ago.  Are all those hormones added to food really doing all those horrible things to our children?  Maybe I'm just getting old.  I feel sorry for today's youth.  Not even being able to be young.  Growing up too soon, the whole lot of 'em.

Michelle Lee-Reid

I was really proud of getting my period and called the girl across the street to tell her, and she just said, "so?"  I was so deflated, and realized that other girls didn't feel about it as a right of passage, just as an annoyance.  It shouldn't be taboo and boys need to learn about it in case they have girlfriends, wives, or daughters.  My son knows all about it because he has two older sisters!  The girl in the video was kind of annoying though.  I taught my girls that getting their period means that they're healthy and that everything is all right in there.  It is normal, part of being a girl.  They should not  be embarrassed or ashamed, it is a simple fact of life.  

 Rebecca Lea Blakeney - girls may start to menstruate at age 10 now!  (thank goodness my daughters were 12!).  It is because they are healthy--at least that's what my doctor said when I asked.  They have enough food, sleep, medicine if they're ill, etc.  But it does seem awfully early when you're going to keep having it for the next 40 years!  

maris... mariscilla

Rebecca i was late nine or early 10. my mother was 9 and I had some other friends that were 9 too. It is becoming very common now for girls to not even be teens or tweens anymore. 


Marie Molnar

Michelle Lee-Reid I have known many girls around 8 or 9 recently that have gotten them. 

Nicole Selchert

*sniffles* I want a care package!!

Bee Ta

Such a cute video.

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