Teen Attacked By River Otter Says It Was Like a Horror Movie (VIDEO)

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Kierra ClarkA teenage girl heading over to Grandma and Grandpa's river cottage to enjoy a little quality time and fun in the water. Sounds like a safe, fun weekend, right? Right. Well, for 13-year-old Kierra Clark, her visit to Grandma's took a disastrous turn for the worse when Kierra was attacked by a crazed animal while playing with her cousin in a nearby river. Not just any animal, though. A river otter. 

... A very angry river otter. 

Her grandmother described the encounter like "a scene out of Jaws." Kierra had her own thoughts on the frightening interaction:

At first it felt like somebody was just, like, grabbing onto my leg with their nails. Then it felt like somebody was stabbing me kind of. It was probably one of the scariest things ever.

Wow. Just wow. Lucky for the teen, her grandfather and a neighbor pulled her out of the water -- as blood streamed down her leg. After she was clear of the river, her family took her to the hospital where she received a tetanus shot. Apparently, the otter may have attacked Kierra because she got in between her and her babies. Still -- the scary image of an enraged river otter coming at her will be one that's stuck in Kierra's mind forever.

As a parent of a teen, you're learning how to give them independence and enable them to make their own decisions. At the end of the day, though, you can never be too careful. I'm sure Kierra's entire family is thankful that her grandparents were nearby to come to her aid. I'm also sure that Kierra's parents may think twice before letting her head out back into that river.

Watch more about the horrifying attack, here:

Can you believe this?!


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numba... numba_1_stunna

Well when you are around wild animals, don't act shocked when they act like... wild animals!

Caera Caera

This isn't all that surprising...or that big of a deal. She was out in nature. Stuff happens.

Meg Moore

crazed animal?




im sorry but i couldnt stop laughing ..a horror movie? jaws?

Carme... Carmen8706

I hope you meant rabies shot, not tetanus shot.  Or maybe she got both.

Shiree Espinoza

Maybe the kid did something to provoke it. They look cute but even I fear the claws of those things.

Melis... Melissa1508

I don't mean to laugh, but the image of an enraged river otter attacking someone is making me chuckle.  I just see that thing coming at me, mouth wide open, sharp teeth, little paws raised with claws out...that's cracking me up.  I'm not laughing at the teen, though...I'm sure it was scary for her.


it wasnt a crazed animal, it was a wild animal that was protecting her babies, anytime you go out into the woods, or into water, you have to be prepaired for what might happen, people think so little about getting attacked in water, like its safe or something, and its not. this animal was doing what came naturally to it, protect protect protect, i do feel for this little girl, it must have been extremely scary to be attacked by something in the water, but people need to be more aware that they are NOT the only creatures that go into the water...

doeadeer doeadeer

I got in between two crazed animals once.  My leg looked worse than hers.  Of course, it was my two dogs I was in between and one bit down thinking he was biting the other dog!  Damn crazed dogs.

draco... dracobella

I'd bite her too if she came between me and my kids.... just saying LOL.

Katy Cliff

Thats awful but UMMM it's nature not Disney.

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