Another Reason Cool Moms Shouldn't Let Their Kids Smoke Pot

Moms, if you are tempted to turn the other way when your teen smokes pot -- or even smoke up with your little pothead -- you may want to think twice about it. A new study says that, in your formative years, smoking even a little bit of pot can result in lifelong brain damage and cause a significantly higher risk of psychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia. I know some moms love their pot and consider it a natural herb much like mint from the garden, but this study is kind of scary.

Granted, the study was done with mice (poor mice!), but what it concluded is that teenage mice who were given low doses of the active ingredient in marijuana for only 20 days did weird things to their cheese like try to paint starbursts on it and they giggled uncontrollably when asked, "Who cut the cheese?"

No, seriously, folks, the mice got brain damage! There were also indications that the mouse brains did the same sort of thing that happens in the brains of humans when they have schizophrenia and psychiatric disorders.

On the other hand, the study concluded that the same thing doesn't happen when adults smoke dope. The adult mice's brains were fine after they got high. Says the study's lead author:

Adolescence is the critical period during which marijuana use can be damaging.

Another study showed that marijuana use destroys dopamine in the brain of both teens and adults, making them more withdrawn, apathetic, and lethargic. They needed a study for that?

I know plenty of people who occasionally indulged in pot use as a teen and none of them are brain damaged or have schizophrenia, but some of them certainly are spacey and forgetful!

At any rate, moms might want to think twice before letting their teen get away with toking up and being thankful he or she isn't boozing or drugging. In fact, just keep those teens in a big plastic bubble, 'kay?

Do you let your teen smoke dope?

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nonmember avatar Chelsea


Blues... Blueshark77

I know a couple of guys who were heavy pot smokers when they were teens and they are extremely forgetful. My partner is so smart, but has a terrible memory. I wonder what he would have become if he hadn't smoked so much pot at such a young age. I know he regrets it. I'll teach my kids that pot is damaging while their brains are still developing, I would hate for them to have the lifelong regret and memory problems their father has. 

nonmember avatar Jenn

Oh, blah, blah, blah! (IMHO)

While I don't necessarily condone pot use for still developing minors, or sharing with your kids, I smoked on and off for MANY years.

Despite that, my brain still works just fine, thank you very much. Further, pot took me to mental and spiritual places I wouldn't have known otherwise.

I think it should be a legal substance, as it is NO worse for you than alcohol or cigarettes.

Blues... Blueshark77

They are talking about the dangers of a young mind using it, not adults. I think it should be legal for adults too. I think alcohol is much worse, but I wouldn't give either to minors.

enigm... enigmaticstatic

Kids will smoke pot wether parents condone it or do not, I think that they should do a similar study on those kids who are smoking habitually and then share the results to see if the outcomes are the same. The findings of this study are intriguing, however I believe the human brain is likely more complex than that of a rodent's. It would be interesting to see how the studies differ and do not differ.

Amber Fletcher

HAHAHAHAHAAAAA HAHAHA omg thats hilarious. Article sponsored by the DEA and the illuminati LOL

nonmember avatar Sarah

I've been a fairly heavy smoker for, well, a long time now. I was consistently on the Dean's List, have a genius level IQ, received a perfect SAT score and I am a bright, hardworking, productive adult. I would never in a million years give weed to my child, however, if she happens to come into contact with it, I will probably not make a big deal about it. Instead, I will be grateful that it's not dope, pills, alcohol or any of the other things that WILL do real brain damage.

Rachel Gullion

I wouldn't let my son use it recreationally.

The benefits of marijuana certainly outweigh the adverse effects caused by it, but I do believe it is something that should not be indulged in for fun. Did you know tylenol is derived from the chemicals in marijuana? Did you know that some states outlaw the use of tylenol for this purpose? It's funny because tylenol is one of few OTC pain killers that does NOT cause adverse reactions when combined with other medications meaning these states have to turn to stronger pain meds than are probably needed for a person who just wants to get rid of their headache without the painful ramifications of mixing with their heart or blood pressure medications...

green... greensparkles

What state outlaws the use of Tylenol?

I think none.

Jaala Squishy

I call bullshit. They claim there have been soooo many deaths from Marijuana, yet there are NONE. I would a HELL of a LOT rather my son, and soon-to-be-daughter smoke pot then do ANYTHING else, and that includes even abusing tylenol. They're going to smoke pot, and if that's the worst my son does, I consider myself a damn good parent ;)

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