3 Boys End Up in ER After Inhaling Blow Darts

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sewing needlesThere are loads of "teen trends" that parents try to take with a grain of salt. You know, like when planking took over the Internet. But this new teen trend is absolutely no joke. Apparently homemade blowguns are sending teens to the hospital with the needle-tipped darts down their windpipes. According to researchers at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, three 14- and 15-year-olds have come in within the past three months with needles stuck down their throats.

The big question? Understandably, "how do the needles end up there?" Well after following instructions from the dozens of websites that describe how to make the dangerous guns from everyday household objects like shoelaces and sewing needles, the users take a deep breath to shoot the gun and accidentally suck the dart into their throats.


I know. You may be thinking to yourself: "What's the big deal? It's only three cases!" But ponder it this way: these are just the ones who showed up to do something about it. God only knows what's happening to the blowgun users who haven't reported the mishap.

As a parent, it's scary. Naturally teenagers are given more freedom and you can't be watching them every second of every day, nor are you expected to. It's important that your child knows in dangerous scenarios like this that telling the truth is not just expected, but necessary. Lying about what movie they caught with their friends last Friday -- that's one thing. But accidentally ingesting a needle (or any other repercussion from a stunt such as this) is NOTHING to take lightly. Especially in these cases, the needle could seriously damage the esophagus or other tissues.

Mistakes happen. At the end of the day, health will always be the most important factor. When health is at risk, whatever your teen did "wrong" takes a back seat. It's the responsibility of the parents to open that door for communication and let them know that.

How would you react if this happened to your child?


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Dhana Watson Pilkinton

How stupid is the younger generation gonna get?  come on...god...and people say they are smarter than the previous generation.....Please use common sense.....If you inhale  you are likely to get something down your throat....Im sorry but the younger generation has absolutely no common sense....they may know how to use a computer better, but thats about it.....

domin... dominicsmomm688

kids now a days are even inhaling condoms :/ weird 

Tabitha Bragdon

I will never understand what this generation is doing. Ever. I mean condoms, blow guns, spices? Really? I want to know where their parents are when these kids get these brilliant ideas. I mean I would definitely not be saying sure honey, sort nutmeg. Sheesh!

Susie Heberle Sanders

I think kids today lack common sense.  To do something clearly dangerous like that would have never even crossed my mind at that age. 

Cynthia Teeters

We made homemade blow guns when we were kids, i guess we were smart enough to take a breath BEFORE we put it to our mouths.... Just sayin...


Melissa Joyce

This is just so sad. I may have done some dumb things at that age but not this bad. I hope the parents keep closer tabs this next time and keep that kind of crap up since their kids can't behave any better

nonmember avatar Tabi

I can't help but laugh every time I read about someone saying how today's kids aren't as smart as their generation. The greatest gift time gives is the ability to forget how incredibly stupid each and every one of us was when we were kids. Just because you survived your stupidity doesn't mean you weren't guilty of it.

Trina Ouellette

Kids have always done stupid stuff, it just wasn't on the internet. Only thing different now is My parents would have beaten the crap out of me ,for doing something stupid. That fear made us think twice.

Pixie030 Pixie030

Wow, sucks to be those kids. My dad actually taught my sister and I how to use his real blow dart gun at young ages, think my sis was 9 so I would have been 12. He started out with us using the blunt ones shooting at a target before he put the sharp ones for us to try. And yes kids have been doing dumb things forever! I think the biggest difference is now, the ratio of kids being brought up by single parents.. the amount of hours parents have to put in at jobs to take care of their kids.. which leads to larger amount of times kids are not being taught or watched by adults.

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