Helicopter Mom Hires 'Girlfriend' to Take Teen Son's Virginity

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losing virginity bedIt's like a game of which of these things is not like the other: ordering extra long sheets for your kid's dorm bed, buying a mini fridge, hiring a hooker to take your son's virginity before he goes to Harvard, sign them up for their first credit card. OK, now which is it? Which of these things do you NOT plan to do before sending your kid off to college?

If you said option C, give yourself a hand. You're not the helicopter mom who posted a batpoop insane Craigslist ad in the "casual encounters" section recently, searching for her son's rapist first sexual conquest.

Discovered by Gawker, the ad, which appears to be legit, advertises for a 19- to 20-something sexually experienced hottie with zero morals (OK, I added that part) to "accidentally" run into the poster's 18-year-old son at a concert, then take him somewhere so they can get it on. After taking her son's virginity in exchange for mama buying her a car, this siren is asked to continue dating him just long enough to show him different sex positions before letting "him go gently so he'll have the confidence to date other girls once" he gets to Harvard.

Because Mom doesn't have confidence in her son figuring this whole thing out on his own?

Because it's so bad to have an abstinent kid?

I don't know about you, but I'd be dancing a jig if my 18-year-old had yet to "lose it." The longer they wait, the less time you have to worry about diseases, pregnancy, and broken hearts. The more time they have to figure out whether they're ready and to find the right person.

Parents who don't talk to their kids about sex at all are fools. Kids have sex. Eventually. Even "abstinent until marriage" teens still need to hear about it from their parents.

But there's a line between being that parent who is pro-active in protecting their kid and the parent who is making important decisions for their child.

If your kid wants to have sex at 18, fine, hopefully you've prepared them well. If your kid wants to go to college a virgin, be proud ... you prepared them well!

Of course, this is all assuming he still has his V-card. With a controlling mom like that, would you want to tell her when you lost it?

How do you feel about kids losing their virginity before college? Would you push for it?


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femal... femaleMIKE

Doesn't sound right to me.  How horrible for your mother to initiate sex for you.

nonmember avatar blue

That's straight up lunacy, not helicopter parenting. Why is every story turned into a horror example, over a certain parenting style? The lady needs mental help, and her son will as a result of her.

Judith Bandsma

It'd be nice if they didn't lose their virginity before middle school.

lovem... lovemy2sons25

I lost my virginity at 16 and didn't have my first child till I was 24. I have 2 boys who are (almost) 1 and 2 so sex isn't going to be an issue for awhile. However I'm going to be realistic because most teenagers especially boys don't wait till college or marriage to have sex. When they become teenagers I'm going to tell them when they are ready to have sex tell me and I will get them condoms because I would rather buy them condoms instead of std medicine or diapers for a baby that they as teenagers were not ready for. I would never encourage my kids to have sex but I'm not going to turn a blind eye to it either.

nonmember avatar NoWay

Ummm ... how is she certain that her son is a virgin? I certainly didn't tell my parents when I lost my virginity! I agree with lovemy2sons25 ... it's ok to hope your kids won't have sex until they are older, but it's not ok to be totally naive about it. I want my kids to be safe. I will encourage waiting for the right time and person, but I will also be teaching them about birth control, etc.

Freela Freela

Yuck- talk about overbearing mother! I'm sure her son will figure it out (if he hasn't already.)

Michelle Sutton

He gotinto Harvard.I'm pretty sure he would be able to figure it all out on his own.  Thi woman needs professional help.

danit... danithegreat

She's offering a freaking car!?! How little faith does she have in her own son? That makes me sick.

adopt... adoption2013

Is her son so antisocial that he can't get a girlfriend?   This is just twisted.

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