7 Reasons Moms of Today's Teens Have It So Much Better Than Our Parents

teenagersMy cellphone went off the other day right on time. It was my babysitter's mom, checking to see that her new teenage driver had made it to my house in one piece. I scooped it up and texted her back right away -- no sense making her worry any longer than she had to -- and marveled at how much times have changed for parents of teenagers.

When I was a new driver, my parents sent me off with fingers crossed. Cellphones came in giant bags, and they were much too expensive to give to your teenager. As for texting, there was no such thing.

They were worried, just as worried as my babysitter's mom, but they had to just keep on worrying until I got home.

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It can be easy to get into the trap of "OMG, parenting is so hard." It is, I hear you. The number of the things I have to deal with that my parents never even dreamed of keeps on growing.

But a little optimism never hurt anyone, so I'm going to come out and say it ... in a lot of ways, we are a heckuva lot luckier than our parents.

How lucky are today's parents?

Let's just consider all the things they have ... that our parents didn't!

What would you add to this list?


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Ember... Emberbaby

HATE the SLIDESHOWS. Click click bait. Just put the darn list and write a quality article.

nonmember avatar monicaa

#2 is a lie. i had a cell in hs. so i just used my cell as my parents contact #..

jalaz77 jalaz77

I won't look at the slide show BUT did you not have wall phones???? So we didn't text when I was a teen but we did make phone calls from this thing called a land line...mind blown??? So my parents never had to worry cause we made a call, using our voice, from a phone...

Nelli... NellieAthome

I gather Ms Sager is actually so old that she drove a  horse and buggy to her babysitting job in the 1870s because lord knows in the "olden days" of the 1960s before cell phones were everywhere I *gasp* picked up the phone at my client's house and called home to say I got there OK..... And used the phone in the school office when practice was canceled

Oh yeah, and my parents actually *gasp* talked to my teachers face to face and had a conversation. You know - that give and take exchange of information that often leads to information coming up that never comes up in a cut and dried impersonal email exchange.....

My mother also knew what I was doing because she actually spent time *talking* to me and my friends instead of spying on us behind our backs and she raised a child who was taught to tell the truth and to not sneak around behind her back doing things I knew I shouldn't be doing like skipping school

oh and Internet research is raising a generation of children who are unable to discern actual factual research from nonsense spouted on-line. That insurance commercial ("If it is on the Internet it has to be true") is truer than it should be and is a sad indictment on the gullibility of people today.  That Ms Sager whined at her parents to take her to the library is hardly surprising

Sheryl Ralston Hahn

Since this author is talking about her babysitter AND with what she's saying - she obviously doesn't have teenagers.  YES some of the technology makes it better to be a PARENT these days but can also make it much harder.  My younger kids have had much more freedom because they're just a *cell* phone call away.  BUT my daughter has many arguments with her BF because they text and don't always take what's said the right way.  FB creates much more drama and I think creates more bullying too.  Used to be once you left school you were *safe* until the next morning back at school.  Now you can be bullied 24/7 - at school, social media, and texting.    Oh let's not forget how these things make it easier for kids to *hook up* and get pregnant. Used to be rare a senior was pregnant.  Now it's almost weird to be a senior and NOT have a child.  Some are having their 2nd child before they graduat high school.  That's better for teens right????  Oh yeah I can check my kids FB anytime I want - have you heard of privacy settings?  I know they pick and choose what they allow me to see on their FB.   

So yeah - in a few ways today's teens have it easier - but for the most part I'd say it's worse - especially in the long run.  Might be fun to hook up with someone tonight, but dang 18 years raising a child starting at age 15 might not be so cool!

nonmember avatar Charlotte

Actually, Sheryl, teen pregnancy rates are at a historical low. And your daughter would probably find a way to pick a fight with her boyfriend over a silly matter whether or not she had a cell phone.

the4m... the4mutts

Smh... no parent has it easier, or better.

Parenting is fucking HARD WORK.

Technology has its pros and cons, just like everything always has.

You do the best you can with what you have to work with. Thats all any parent can do.

PlayC... PlayCorner

Tech definitely has its pros and cons. I don't think calls home have made it harder for a kid to skip class, either. Plus, now we have to worry about WHAT our child is posting on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. When they're in high school, they're super impressionable. Don't want them posting things online that NEVER go away!

Meg Moore

none of those things make it easier..they are all debatable.

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