8 First Period Horror Stories to Make Your Teen Daughter Laugh

congratulations cakeDo you remember the day you got your period for the very first time? For a lot of us -- maybe most of us -- it was a day filled with awkwardness and confusion. I remember I was watching the movie Xanadu on TV, and I had so many feelings: I was annoyed at being interrupted from my favorite movie, for one thing. And horrified when my mom told me I was a woman now. No I wasn't -- I was definitely still a kid!

Anyway, now that I'm over the trauma (mostly), I love hearing other women's first-period stories. So I asked a bunch of my friends to tell me theirs. Did anyone have a positive, affirming story? Hell no, it's shame and disaster all around -- but we can all laugh now, right? Please tell me it's better for teen girls here in the 21st century.

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jaznrich jaznrich

On a plane, flying by myself going to see relatives. I was mortified, a flight attendant stopped me when I stood up. After everyone else got off the plane they helped me as much as possible by wrapping a blanket around my waist. My aunt, who was waiting at the gate, was scared as hell as to why I didn't get off the plane. I had stained the seat and there was a delay for the next flight. Horrible.

Irela... Ireland69

I was in 3rd grade I was home, felt ill and feverish i went to bed and woke up to a stained mattress i was scared cause my mom never spoke to me about my period, my dad came and gave me a kiss and my mom changed me and gave me pads and medicine.  I remember for gym i was so nervous cause i thought you can see my big pad with my shorts on.  Still this day i crap like heck so my periods were miserable then and now.

nonmember avatar Meredith

It was the summer before 8th grade and my mom must have told my dad while he was at work because when he got home, he said he wanted the piece of cloth that was stained with the blood, so he could hang it out the window to let everyone know I was now ready for marriage. Apparently this was a "thing" in the middle ages?!??!! Needless to say, I was mortified and didn't leave my room the rest of the night.

marsh... marshsmom

We were on a camping trip, sleeping in a tent and all...I was with my father and step mother whom I conflicted with.  I first noticed my stained panties and I hid them in the dirty clothes bag and told no -one.  Apparently my step mother found them and bought me some pads but there was no real "talk".  I spent most of the rest of the trip in the lake, when I got home to my real mother, she cried and cried that she had not been there for this momentous occasion.  She wouldn't let me use tampons, not sure why.  When I had my second cycle I was at my fathers house.  My step mother gave me a tampon and my best friend (who had "been there, done that") explained how to use them. My mother was so angry when I started using tampons instead of pads :/

linzemae linzemae

I got mine at age 10. I knew what it was, we had the talks in school. We even got kits with pads and tampons. Im notssure if I even told my mom. I sat my ass right in front of a mirror to see where the blood was coming from. Then I didnt get it for another year.

nonmember avatar kayla

the night before 7th grade started. sobbed and sobbed because i was terrified of dealing with it on my first day of school. wore super-pads that week because i was terrified of leaking (my mother had told me her own horror story: in high school she got her period during class, and it leaked through to her chair. when she realized it, she wrapped her sweatshirt around her waist, dragged it on the seat as she stood, and then walked with it covering her (bloody side in, obviously) to the nurse, and waited for her mother to bring her a change of clothes!

nonmember avatar kaerae

A week before I started high school...'bout damn time!

nonmember avatar daphne

i was 10 years old. i just so happened to go to the bathroom and saw the blood. i was super scared because my mom hadn't talked to me about it. she gave me a pad and told me what was happening. i was scared because i was worried someone would see the outline through my pants so i would layer my undies. i still feel awkward when buying that stuff at the story.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

My story isn't interesting but one of my friends started the night before The Talk at school. It was sixth grade and she was the first to start. Her other let her stay off school because it would have been too embarrassing for her to sit through the talk. The teacher gave her her kit the next day in a grocery bag so the boys wouldn't see. It was amazing the lengths they went to to stop seeing those things. One of my male friends had a pad stuck to a school book when he was in tenth grade and he had no idea what it was, poor guy asked a bunch of people before someone enlightened him. 

nonmember avatar Amy

Mine was pretty boring. Went to the bathroom because I felt something funny between my legs and saw blood. My mom had already given me the talk, so I just kinda called my mom into the hall and told her what happened. She'd already went ahead and bought pads for when it happened so I was all set. I remember being super proud and sort of excited about it.

That changed when my next one came and I felt like I was going to die.

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