When Teenagers Make Out in Public, Moms Should Intervene

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teens making out When I was a teenager, I remember sitting on my boyfriend's lap at my graduation party and -- as my dad later put it -- sucking face. He used that term, I should note, in a lecture about NOT, ahem, sucking face with my boyfriend in front of family and friends. I hated the PDA lecture then, but today I'm glad my parents bothered to give it. I only wish more of today's parents were doing the same.

Moms and Dads, I'm going to give you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth: watching your kids making out and groping each other in public ... grosses the rest of us out!

And pretty much every time we're stuck gagging over your kids and their tongues down each other's throats, we blame you.

Not fair? I know. But as my father always said, "Fare is what you pay to get on a bus."

Kids need to learn how to properly comport themselves in public, and that's up to us, the parents. Which means it's up to parents to teach their teenagers that if you're old enough to date, you're also old enough to tone down the PDA.

I'm not an old fart here. If two kids want to hold hands, I'm all for more love in the world. If they want to nuzzle a bit, maybe even swoop in for a peck on the lips, well then by all means ...

But at some point, your kid is probably going to fall head over heels. They will be a mess of hormones that will make them want to kiss, grope, mount -- basically do anything and everything short of have sex with -- their partner in public.

And I don't want to see it!

Neither does my kid. Or the manager of the movie theater. Or the old lady at the park. Or the guy who cleans the bathrooms at the mall.

We just want to go about our daily routines with some normal old "safe for workish" views of PDA along the way. I don't think that's too much to ask.

Nor do I think it's too much to ask you to talk to your kids about this one. I can pretty much guarantee they'll cringe and get red faced and protest if you use terms like "sucking face," but one day they will remember that lecture. And they'll probably use it on their own kids.

Have you talked to your teenagers about toning down the PDA? What did you say?


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B1Bomber B1Bomber

This should apply to adults as well.

lovem... lovemy2sons25

do you honestly think just because their parents tell them they shouldn't make out in public means they are actually gonna listen? Most of the time in public when their parents aren't around is the only time teens can do this. I made out with my boyfriends at the mall at the time as a teen and my parents telling me I shouldn't wouldn't have stopped me. I don't think most teens care about what people say or think when it comes to things like that cause they are young and "in love" and that's all they are thinking about. They usually grow out of it though at 26 with 2 kids I wouldn't make out with my boyfriend at the mall but since I've been there and done that it doesn't bother me when I see teens kissing at the mall or anywhere else... now if they were like at chucky cheese or a place specifically for small kids then I could understand why that would be an issue... but other than that I don't think its really that big of a deal.

nonmember avatar Cass

So you don't want anybody telling you what you can and can't do with your body when you're breastfeeding, but teens doing something featuring no nudity or possible bodily fluid contact on your part? Nope, that's unsightly and they should stop doing it so you don't have to see it. Hypocrisy offends me far more than teenage PDA.

nonmember avatar kayla

just recently a very young teen couple was groping and making all sorts of very sexual sounds on a couch in my store. uh, this does make everyone uncomfortable, and no one wants to even look at the couches when that's happening. i had to talk to them twice before telling them to get off the couch, buy it, or leave. they crept along and stared at the ground while mom bought her groceries and followed her out. i didn't realize at the time, but she had been right nearby and hadn't even bothered to say ANYTHING either time i had to say something (i mean, hands up shirts and such, that's for a couch in your basement, which i'm sure mommy doesn't care about all things considered)

laure... laurenemb

Cass - the argument for people breastfeeding in public is that breasts shouldn't be sexualized when used as a food source for infants. Teenage PDA is about as hypersexualized as it gets. Erego, not hypocritical to say teenagers should put it back in their pants in public.

Jdub372 Jdub372

Um, I never did that as a teenager. I had boyfriends but I instinctively felt uncomfortable making out in front of people, espeically my family! Ew!

nonmember avatar silence

Yes tell them no PDA and don't forget that chastity is the only way. Couch in the store is inappropriate, go there. Remember safe sex, fine. You need to grip reality why are you so disgusted, when is the last time you really had that much passion in your relationship.

ranti... rantingmom

If my young adult or teen kids make out or even kiss in front of us, they are treated to an all out groping make out session by mom and dad. When they complain, we tell them we don't want to see it any more than they do.

nonmember avatar Cara

I hate to burst your bubble, but people make out. As for telling teenagers to stop doing it because it offends your delicate sensibilities, teenagers nowadays will cuss you out or worse, knock you out for not minding your own business. Don't like the view, look the other way. Plain and simple.

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