Michael Jackson’s Son Prince Spills Surprising Details About His Childhood (VIDEO)

prince jacksonI've always wondered what it's like to be one of Michael Jackson's kids. Your dad is a massive pop star who own an amusement park and all the Beatles songs. You wear masks in public. Your dad wears only one glove, and it's covered in sequins. And there were all those allegations of child molestation. How could this life possibly be normal? These kids are totally effed-up, right?

Maybe -- but there's a lot about the Jackson kids we don't know about. MJ fiercely guarded their privacy. But now, Michael's oldest child, Prince Jackson, is detailing his life with dad. In a testimony for his family's wrongful death lawsuit against concert promoter AEG Live, Prince paints a portrait of his childhood that's surprisingly... healthy! If not exactly normal.

1. Michael Jackson taught his kids to give back. "Dad wanted us to remain humble," Prince says. He goes beyond the service hours his school requires him, volunteering at a children's hospital program and reading to kids fighting cancer. Michael encouraged his kids to volunteer as much as possible.

2. Jackson taught his kids to be curious. "My dad taught me everything was a learning experience," Prince says. Michael nurtured his interest in film by watching films with him with the sound off to study the visuals. They even wrote screenplays together. When they kids moved or traveled, they learned about the cultures they were visiting.

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3. School was a priority. Since the Jackson kids moved around a lot, Michael hired tutors so they could keep up with their studies. Now Prince is a National Honors Society member, is studying robotics, and maintains a 3.68 GPA.

4. Michael let his kids have a dog. This is a bigger deal than you'd thing -- Jackson was afraid of dogs. But it meant a lot to his kids, so he let them have a chocolate lab, Kenya.

Okay, there's still some weird stuff in Prince's testimony, like how he felt like his dad didn't eat enough. (Actually, there are plenty of kids who could probably say the same of their moms.) And he told his kids he thought AEG was "going to kill" him after rehearsals. But it sounds like Michael really did try to provide his kids with as nurturing a childhood as he possibly could, even if it wasn't exactly typical.


Do you believe Prince Jackson had a healthy childhood, or do you think there's a lot he's not telling?


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Choco... Chocodoxies

I'm not sure why it is so very shocking that he cared for and loved his children. I understand that he looked odd and dressed in a not very common way but he was always a kind person. The strangest thing he DID was avoid the public, which is to be expected when you have that level of fame. It doesn't surprise me that he loved those children and that they are well spoken, intellegent, kind hearted people. That is who their father always strove to be. 

Heather Jacks Wolf

He bought the bones of the "Elephant Man", had a zoo and an amusement park in his yard and had slumber parties with children.  And you think the strangest thing he did was avoid the public?  Do me a favor and read up on typical behaviors of child molesters and then tell me he was "sweet".  It's like he read The Behavioral Analysis of Child Molesters and used it as his life manifesto.

Maria McDonald

Wow! Heather take a breath & read some testimony! He was rich as hell, no Elephant man & you don't know he molested anyone ( I can't prove he didn't- you can't prove he did!) lol answering this sort of question w/ a hate filled rant is just as grown up as a gushing glowing report! No one knows! He loved his kids, he's dead- it's sad for them.... The end

Chaya Kostelicki

Michael was probably emotionally unstable, which for his upbiringing would be no suprise. As much as we want to call him a child molester, we have no evidence let alone proof. He loved his children and taught them well.

Brenda Cantrell



Melan... MelanieMans

People like you make me fucking sick. He molested kids. Do you think O.J is innocent too? Those kids will be messed up for life. Of course he didnt molest HIS kids, but he didnt care about fucking up the lives of other children. It must be so much fun for those children to live on having nightmares, going through therapy, ect. because of this sick pervert. At least those kids can have closure now that this bastard is rotting in hell where he belongs being Satans bitch.

Jalestra Jalestra

Sorry, but he fits the standard profile for a child molester to a T. Like Heather said, it's like he read The Behavioral Analysis of Child Molesters and used it as his life manifesto.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck and looks like a duck..it sure isn't a turkey. The case for him being a molester is REALLY strong, the case for not? "He can sing and dance and donated to charity"..not quite so much.

China Navarro

There is NO valid evidence against him though, The child who was taking jackson to court changed his story countless of times as did his parents making him a liar in the courts eyes. I'm guessing Michael was just living out the childhood he never had in the later years of his life.

nonmember avatar Sue

The drugs...the drugs...how could their lives have been that normal whilst daddy is on all those heavy drugs????

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