Words of Wisdom I Wish I Had Been Given on MY 18th Birthday

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Recently, a very close family friend turned 18. It was a long awaited day and a big milestone for her. I've known her parents since I was 18, so she and her family are practically an extended part of our family. She looks up to me like a big sister and is very wise beyond her young years. We often have deep adult discussions. She's such a joy to have around.

On the morning of her birthday I texted (of course! I'm a modern "hip" big sister kind of friend. LOL) the following words to her. It was meant to be a really quick "happy birthday, we love you" kind of text, but whew, I got wordy, imagine that! It's just that she's got her entire life in front of her and I care about her so much. I think I even surprised myself how quickly I churned out the longest text of my life! She urged me to share my thoughts with you and felt it was especially fitting since this is my final post here on this site.

I love you. Happy Birthday, girl. You're truly the most inspiring young girl I've ever known! 

Stay good and loving and kind. Don't let the ugliness of the world take you down! 

Be the best YOU that you can be. Always stay true to who you are and what you believe. 

Never alter yourself even when jealousy, ignorance and misunderstanding attempts to paint you differently. 

Only repay with love, kindness, and understanding. Refuse to settle. 

Always see the pot of "good" at the end of the rainbow. 

Make wise choices and well thought out decisions. 

Love everyone, even those who are difficult to love. Never give in. Never give up. Never quit with or without a fight. 

Know when you're wrong and admit it willingly. Don't ever let anger get in the way of love. 

Accept your destiny that God has chosen for you. When He gives you more than you can handle, rely on Him for the strength to handle it. 

Thank Him for the breath He has given you and use it to encourage and help others. Give more than necessary every time. 

See beyond the surface appearance of those around you:

Their smiles don't always mean happiness. Their tears may mean more than a momentary disappointment, and quite possibly could be the result of  a lifetime of repeated disappointment, loneliness, helplessness and exhaustion. Learn to recognize the different types of tears and don't miss an opportunity to ask how you can be of help. In reaching out and helping others, it brings happiness to ourselves. Making others smile, is addicting. Cry often. Let tears flow. Then pick up and move on. Live unapologetically. Love fiercely. Refuse to have regrets. Go out and grab life and live it. Be safe. I love you! Always.


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Janice Borja

Great advice!! By the way Kate I wanted to say thank you for the "chore jar" post!! We started it in our house and it has worked out so great!! :) I am sad this will be your last post! I hope life takes you somewhere great next! ;) 

Melis... Melissa1508

Good words.  I wish I had had some supportive words when I graduated from high school.  I didn't have any words of wisdom given to me, just "don't mess up".  haha  I wish that teens had the capacity to listen to what adults try to tell them and not assume that we're all idiots.  I wish I had listened to some of the things people tried to tell me.  I hope your friend has good luck in future endeavors.

nonmember avatar BS MeterOnHigh

You sure could have used those words because those words are the polar opposite of how you present yourself.

CAP1015 CAP1015

IF IF .....if only you could or would follow these words (i'm pretty sure you didn't come up with them by yourself).  And Thank God you won't be posting your "blog" here any longer.  Your forums to provide continous untruths, vieled messages, and attempts to "spin" your image seem to be skrinking and I am thankful.  You need professional help, it is sad that no one has intervened on you or your children's behalf.  My hope is that someday you will get the help you need, reconnect with your family and become a true parent to your children.  With your inability to see your illness i don't think this will happen.  As I have said before, unless you change, you life with your family will only become worse as your children gain their own identities and move on with their life, and again unless  you change, your future is bleak.  I hope you get the help you need.  Now hopefully, those who see you for who you really are don't have to see you being legitmized by mainstream media.  Go away, get better, become a friend, a mother, a daughter, a sister to  your family.

Laura... LauraB1212

What a lovely lovely post Kate!  I am sorry to see you gone from the Stir! :-(bow down

Laura... LauraB1212

Cap and BS...


neither of you seem to live by any sort of golden rule so it is very hillarious that you feel the need to bash someone you don't eve know.frustrated

nonmember avatar Andrea

Take your own advice, Kate, and admit you're wrong once in a while.

Good riddance and don't let the door hit ya.

GoDod... GoDodgers

I agree w/ Caps and BS...she needs help. Parenting classes, therapy, etc. She needs to find peace, and that is not to be found in the spotlight.

CAP1015 CAP1015

LauraB1212, I know what Kate has printed, said, done on her show(s), I can read, I can research and I am a parent, so if my perception is wrong it's because it's what Kate portrayed.  And telling the truth, that Kate has mental issues, is not bashing her.  I truly hope she gets help. If you can't see or choose to ignore her issues, not an issue to me. I'm just glad that her ability to be in the public skrinks.  I know you will disagree but Kate should not be admired, she has become a carnival freak show, websites and shows have only used her to garner 'traffic'.  She has no skills, no talent, and has nothing of value to provide anyone that is intelligent enough to see her fame is related to giving birth to 8 (count em) children and then imploding on a regular basis on national TV.  She needs to be reintroduced to reality. That is not bashing, that is hoping she gets help before we see on TMZ and in the Naional Enquirer, broke and selling stories of how her children hate her.   But I understand, for some reason there is always a group of people who will , no matter what, defend the monsters.  Now you have to defend her somewhere else. 

M.j. Reynolds

Imagine how Kate's daughters must feel if they read this:  "You are truly the most inspiring young girl I've ever known!"  Honestly Kate - it would have been much better to phrase it, "You are one of the most inspiring young ladies I've ever known."  At least that way, your own daughters could think that possibly they are the MOST inspiring girls you ever have or ever will know. 

As to the words of wisdom - "physician, heal thyself!"  In other words, you ought to follow your own advice.  I am not sorry to see you leave this site.  I think you are a big phony.

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