Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Makes Out With Boyfriend in Front of Mom

lourdes leonWhen you're the world's biggest pop star and a mother to a teenage girl, the lines of appropriateness probably become a little blurry. Madonna premiered her new concert film Madonna: The MDNA Tour earlier this week in New York, and her 16-year-old daughter Lourdes Leon and 12-year-old son Rocco Ritchie were there to help her celebrate. Us Weekly reports that Madonna was hanging out and having fun with her kids all night, but things got a little weird when Lourdes started making out with her boyfriend, Homeland actor Timothee Chalamet.

According to the source, Madonna didn't bat an eye when her teenage daughter started sucking face. Interesting.

Pretty sure sheer and terrifying embarrassment would have prevented me from doing anything like that in front of my mother as a teenager, but Lourdes obviously feels differently, and it may be because she sees her mother more as a friend, as a peer, than as an authority figure.

Not that kissing is BAD, it's just that as parents, most of us don't want to see our kids going at it. We assume it's happening, but it's another thing to witness it.

Who knows, maybe Madonna and Lourdes have a very open relationship and can talk about tough subjects like sex, drugs, and cone-bras with unusually open minds.

I mean, all Lourdes has to do is one simple Google search to learn about her mother's adventurous youth. (Truth or Dare, anyone?) You sort of can't skirt those issues when you're Madonna trying to raise a young lady. 

But seeing as I'm not world famous and my daughter will have zero access to my teenage history, I can say with a comfortable amount of certainty that I'd be shocked if she made out in front of me. Shocked. And appalled.

Madonna and Lourdes definitely have a different kind of relationship, for better, and for worse.

What would you do if your teen made out in front of you?


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Kate Cooley

Really not a surprise, as Madonna's a ho.

Sherry Heimer Cory

I walked in on my son having sex with his girlfriend! Try getting that image out of your mind!!! That was 5 years ago but it was just awful. I'd would rather they were just making out!

Tara Bianca Candido

big fing deal...more puritanism from cafemom...yawn

nativ... nativemama18

Making out ehhh I wouldn't like it but sex is another thing I dated someone once who's mom would come downstairs while we were having sex (his room was the basement they also kept the washing machine down there) and she would do laundry and once she even came by the bed lit candles and put a fan on us and went back upstairs ....oddest thing of my life

nonmember avatar fern

Please, the only surprise is that Lola didn't grow up to be a stripper with a mother like Madge.

artis... artistmom27

I find it to be disrespectful to make out in front of your parents, even as an adult. A quick kisss is one thing, but making out is supposed to be intimate between those two people.

Opara Athanasius

My son or daughter would not do that before me. As humans, certain basic social structures, organization and acceptable norms have evolved over the ages across several cultures. Whether one adheres to them or not is a personal choice.

nonmember avatar NanaBear50

Sadly, but the child has probably grown up watching her mother do not only that, but probably more in front of her. As the old saying goes, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

nonmember avatar JOSIE G


Rodney Patterson

Wow, sucking face? Someone better call CPS.

I'm sure there are parents out there whose kids are on some serious drugs, gang banging, run away (or all 3) going "WHAT?" Kissing, are you kidding me?

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