Schools Are Using Scary Big Brother Tactics to Track Our Kids

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iris scanParents in Polk County, Florida are hopping mad this month after the local school district did iris scans on their kids without their permission. Wait, let me repeat that. A school district did iris scans on some 750 kids.

Ahem, Big Brother? He has arrived. And he's trying to collect some pretty detailed biometric information on CHILDREN!

Forget, for just a moment, the whole kerfuffle over whether parents in Polk had a chance to give permission for this pilot program. Permission is almost beside the point ... I want to know why would school districts need to do iris scans on kids anyway?

Are they storing gold bars in schools these days?

Weapons of mass destruction?

With identification of kids coming down to something so personal, you'd think so ...

The folks down in Polk, where this whole "iris scans on kids" scandal has blown up, say they were going to use the biometrics to keep track of kids on district school buses. Kid steps up, gets his (or her) eyes scanned, and it records that they've boarded. Considering the number of "kid on wrong bus" stories we see in the news, I can see why districts are trying new things.

But there are plenty of options between depending on kids to remember what bus to go on and the Orwellian collection of personal data from our children.

Once schools start allowing companies in to scan a kid's eyes, the potential for that information to be misused is great. Who knows what will be done with it ... or whose hands it could end up in.

Our kids have plenty of time to end up in the "system" when they're older.

The schools can keep their scanners out of my kid's eyes, thank you very much.

Would you allow your child's school to do an iris scan or is that going too far?


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Coles... Coles_mom

You know, all this "Big Brother" talk and all of the stuff going on with the NSA  - doesn't bother me in the least. I'm not doing anything illegal. If someone wants to listen in on my phone calls and check my email, great....they'll hear me chatting with my mom about changing diapers and grocery lists. 

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

Not a chance I would allow this! And I would be looking into a lawsuit if they did it without my permission!!! Besides the fact of them not needing that info on my child, the potential harm from continual scans is something they will NOT be testing on my child.

Irela... Ireland69

I agree Coles_mom.  Have nothing to hide!!

Sarah... SarahHall58

I have nothing to hide either but iris scanning? That's a little too much for me. Do you want their DNA too? There are other ways to make sure children don't get on the wrong bus. Kind of like PAYING ATTENTION.

nonmember avatar damien

its for their own good!!...its saved lives!!..if you got nothing to hide then why should you care!!..sorry..went government there for a minute

phant... phantomphan

It's very sad and scary that so many are willing to hand over their privacy with no questions asked.

bella... bellacazzate

Meh. Biometric data is actually pretty useful and time saving. I have biometric data collected/redone every other year. I suppose it's a choice (do this or lose your job). It's not like it can be manipulated by the school at present -- you are who you are and they lack the technology to do anything else. All it can do is identify you and only by the body that requested it (in this case the school). It also expires and needs to be redone frequently. 

In other news, could people stop abusing Orwell? Idiots (right now the right-wing and this article) are constantly misusing his ideas and taking them out of context and projecting them into bizarre situations to force a point. 

phent... phentigermom

I might be moving back to FL, now as a mother. LOL Guess I'm going to be driving my kids to school for a long time.

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