Principal Who Plans to Hire Adult Film Star to Teach Sex-Ed Is Brilliant

XXXTalk about a progressive teaching plan. A high school principal at a private school in England wants porn stars to teach sex education to students. This will initially freak out any parent -- myself included. It's outrageous, to be sure, but brilliant too. Here's why.


No one knows more about sex than someone who has sex for a living. I know. I know. Who the heck would want a porn star to teach their kids anything? Most of us can't even fathom agreeing to having a known porn star teaching anything nor acting as a role model in any way, shape, or form. But one thing that I have learned in my five short years as a parent is to broaden my perspective. There is no longer one time-honored/tested way to do things these days. Who knows about the dangers of sex better than a porn star? In a way, it’s like asking a champion boxer for boxing tips ... well, kind of.

Principal Mark Slater sees a real value in the lessons a "pro" could provide. Certainly listening to someone who has to navigate such a dangerous, sex-filled industry would have an impact. I am sure every single student would show up for this particular guest lecture just to get a glimpse of a porn star. But wide-eyed fascination is only half of it. She (or he, I suppose) can provide real-life examples of what can happen if you don't protect yourself. 

I know many of us would rather our kids just not have intercourse at all. But truth of the matter is, kids are having sex. Even worse, they are having unprotected sex. Sure, those health textbooks go through a laundry lists of diseases, but that still doesn't scare enough teens into abstinence or using a condom. This could work better than traditional sex ed lessons have been. Why not give it a chance.

Would you be okay with a porn star teaching your kid sex ed?


Image via Anthony Easton/Flickr

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