Principal Who Plans to Hire Adult Film Star to Teach Sex-Ed Is Brilliant

XXXTalk about a progressive teaching plan. A high school principal at a private school in England wants porn stars to teach sex education to students. This will initially freak out any parent -- myself included. It's outrageous, to be sure, but brilliant too. Here's why.

No one knows more about sex than someone who has sex for a living. I know. I know. Who the heck would want a porn star to teach their kids anything? Most of us can't even fathom agreeing to having a known porn star teaching anything nor acting as a role model in any way, shape, or form. But one thing that I have learned in my five short years as a parent is to broaden my perspective. There is no longer one time-honored/tested way to do things these days. Who knows about the dangers of sex better than a porn star? In a way, it’s like asking a champion boxer for boxing tips ... well, kind of.

Principal Mark Slater sees a real value in the lessons a "pro" could provide. Certainly listening to someone who has to navigate such a dangerous, sex-filled industry would have an impact. I am sure every single student would show up for this particular guest lecture just to get a glimpse of a porn star. But wide-eyed fascination is only half of it. She (or he, I suppose) can provide real-life examples of what can happen if you don't protect yourself. 

I know many of us would rather our kids just not have intercourse at all. But truth of the matter is, kids are having sex. Even worse, they are having unprotected sex. Sure, those health textbooks go through a laundry lists of diseases, but that still doesn't scare enough teens into abstinence or using a condom. This could work better than traditional sex ed lessons have been. Why not give it a chance.

Would you be okay with a porn star teaching your kid sex ed?


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kckcm2 kckcm2

Honestly I'd just be happy with my schools teaching sex ed, regardless of who it's taught by. The abstinence only program in my area has lead to some of the highest teen pregnancy and std statistics in our state. Obviously patents sons here either aren't teaching anything, or aren't doing it effectively. The next county over that has a sex ed program has statistics like half as high as my county.

kckcm2 kckcm2

Parents not patents, and o have no clue where the sons pay came from, I am in No Way, blaming at all on the boys. That was a typo mixed with a gaol to proof read prior to posting.

kckcm2 kckcm2

I give up, time to get off of my phone.

miche... micheledo

Um, NO! Just because you are having a bunch ofnsex does NOT mean you understand the biology of sex, the dangers.ofnsex, the benefits of it ,etc. Just hang around cafemom for a while! Ha ha. So many are clueless about their own body. Good grief, I am pregnant with our sixth and still learning things! Experience in the act of sex does not make one an expert on sex ed.

April... AprilJune

I do not think this is a good idea at all. They may have a lot of information about sex, but that doesn't mean they're going to be able to convey it in an appropriate manner to kids.

And, kids are already wanting to have sex/feeling pressured to have sex at such a young age, we do not need someone coming in to teach them about it in a way that might glorify it. And I don't even mean intentionally- I doubt the "pro" is going to come in talking about how great it all is, but you know the kids are going to be mystified by it. And go look up the porn star and watch his/her movies, which is going to do nothing to help their sex education!

keelh... keelhaulrose

I once listened to Ron Jeremy at my school. The hedgehog had a bit of good advice, and some interesting ideas about humor when it comes to talking about taboo subjects with your partner. I learned a lot from him, and I'm glad my fiance forced me to go with.

I would think someone whose job it is to have sex with multiple partners would know a few things about avoiding unplanned pregnancies and contracting STDs. From what I remember of my sex ed class we learned a lot about condoms, but not what to do when one got uncomfortable after a while. I learned how to deal with that situation from reading an interview with a porn star. I'd rather my child learn that trick than be in a situation where it gets uncomfortable and they decide to go without. It doesn't sound like they're watching those videos. It's getting someone with hands on experience teaching about a subject that will eventually be hands on for the students. There's a reason we want an auto shop teacher who has worked on a lot of cars or a computer teacher who has done a lot of work on/with computers.

BGarcel BGarcel

Kids are already mystified about sex. If they dont learn about this in a classroom, where should they learn? Parents are the best choice but what the parents know varies greatly and what they want to tell their kids varies even more. I see no problem with this. Only that the pornstar does actually know his/her cirriculum. ANd if a kid has free access to a computer and more specifically the internet, it is not the fault of the pornstar that the kid can see their porn movies.

micheledo, you are right in that having a lot of sex does not make one an expert on sex ed. But to deny a pornstar teaching sex ed for no real good reason (the fact that the person has a lot of sex is not a reason) is illogical. The pornstar must know the cirriculum, but if he/she does then by all means teach it.

Acc. to the article, the principal also wants the pornstar to tell the kids the dangers about the porn industry. He is of the opinion that porn is warping their views and making them unable to handle relationships.

April... AprilJune

"But to deny a porn star teaching sex ed for no real good reason" about that they aren't qualified teachers?
I agree that it is not the fault of the porn star that the kids can go see their porn movies, but I think teachers need to be responsible for what they expose their students to. I personally feel that this idea might cause more harm than good.

nonmember avatar Krystal

They must not think the risks are that bad if they're actively having sex with strangers for a living. I think this is terrible.

Audra... AudrasMommy

Why not? Porn stars know all about having safe sex, being tested for STDs and whatnot. What about the parents that are 100% certain that their kids would never have sex (but they are!) and refuse to talk to them about safe sex. They're not getting education from them. They need the information from somewhere and who better than a person who knows the real deals about sex and every responsibility that goes with it? I think the fact that they are a porn star would gain more attention to these students, in my opinion.

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