15 Over-the-Top Rules for Kids From the 'Strictest Parents Ever'

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disciplineI have a confession to make: sometimes my daughter tells me that I'm the strictest parent EVER, and I laugh. Not in her face, but later, along with my husband who shakes his head and usually makes some comment about how lucky she really is.

I am not the most strict parent out there. But there's no use telling my kid that. There's really no use telling ANY kid that their parents are not the big meanies they think they are.

But as my kid gets older, I'm more than happy to collect proof that it could be a heckuva lot worse out there for her. Take the recent list of "rules" teenagers on Reddit say are enforced in their homes. They go from the normal to the absolutely absurd ... and beyond!

If you ever want to prove to your kids that they really have it pretty good, just dare them to compare themselves to the kids claiming they have the strictest parents ever ... who have the list of oppressive rules to back them up (that is, unless these are rules for your teenagers too?):

1. No watching TV alone.

2. [I am] forced to wear dresses.

3. No eating meat.

4. No watching cable television.

5. No watching any movie over a PG rating.

6. No having friends over.

7. If I leave the house, I have to send a text to my mom every hour to update her.

8. I'm not allowed to spend any of my own money.

9. Not allowed to stay up past 10:30, even though it's summer vacation.

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10. No sitting with my door closed.

11. Not allowed to read Harry Potter or Lemony Snicket.

12. I'm not allowed to listen to much of the mainstream music out there.

13. Now I'm taking tutoring lessons over the summer for all subjects I didn't get an A in ... because I got a B.

14. My mom assigned her own summer homework.

15. No going anywhere without a parent present.

What do you think? Are these rules over-the-top or do you have them beat?


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JS0512 JS0512

Some of these aren't that bad.  My oldest is probably younger than the kids polled (she's 12) but I have some similar ones.  "No movie over PG" unless I've seen it.  Ratings on movies are WAY more lenient than before and I'm shocked at the content in some movies these days (for reference, I'm 33).  "No staying up past 10:30".  This applies as well (exceptions made for sleepovers).  During the school year, it's 9:30 and I give her an extra hour during the summer.  She has ADD and sticking to a schedule helps immensely.  I see nothing wrong with the summer homework (within reason) one either.  Keep your kid busy & learning.

B1Bomber B1Bomber

We don't have cable, so my kids won't be watching it alone or otherwise. I will expect them to check in when they are out, I understand veggie parents raising veggie kids, and I will have summer academic work too. These aren't so bad.

How about my kids will not have private internet access? All web surfing will be done where I can see it.

LostS... LostSoul88

So not wasting money on cable is considered over the top? So kids who aren't brought up to be spoiled brats have strict parents?

Most of those are responsible. 

Tracey Plummer

My daughter has summer homework, too. An hour a day to keep up the skills she just spent a year learning does not seem like that much of an imposition to me. Plus we take turns reading together in the evenings. I feel like it keeps up her skills and teaches her responsibility. What is wrong with that?


nonmember avatar ClassyGurl

Sounds a lot like my parents were & thankfully passed it on to me. THAT is one of the biggest problems with kids nowadays... their parents are afraid to put their foot down. There is not one rule listed that I would call Over-The-Top. I call that good parenting.

Rache... RachelsMercy

I see only 2 that I would consider appropriate for a teenager. Most of them I would not approve for a child of ANY age unless they were grounded!! What is wrong with all of you conservative controlling parents??

Todd Vrancic

Is being forced to wear dresses and skirts an everyday thing or is it a rule the child get dressed up for church and special occasions?  Not enough data.  I would think that insisting the child wear dresses everyday a little over the top, unless it has to do with the family religion.

peanu... peanutsmommy1

My former coworker wouldnt allow her teenage daughter to shower if she wasnt home....in case she fell and got a concussion

Choco... Chocodoxies

These are honestly not all that bad. My family is vegetarian. We don't pay for cable (it's a waste) and my kids have to watch PG or under ratings unless I have seen the movie first. During the summer bedtime is no later than 10:00, 9:00 during the school year.  I am a very lenient parent in lots of ways though. My children are welcome to have sleepovers, once they reach their teens they are welcome to eat meat (though I won't be buying it or cooking it for dinner so they will have to pay for and make it themselves) and they can read absolutely anything they can get their hands on because knowledge is power. 

Let's face facts, cable is filled with crap for most children, meat isn't a necessity, some people do better on lots of sleep (my children included). Parenting is about balance. 

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