Will Smith Kisses Son Jaden on the Lips & Everyone Freaks Out (VIDEO)

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Will SmithI'm not the hugest fan of this new Will Smith Family Empire that seems to be slowly but surely taking over Hollywood. Maybe it's because I'm too old for whipping my hair (ow, my neck), or because I'm curmudgeonly and faintly annoyed by the Will/Jada = Willow/Jaden thing. I'm enormously uninterested in the giant spooge of CGI-drenched nepotism that After Earth appears to be, but despite my various grumps with the Smiths and their various weirdnesses (is it an open marriage or NOT, just frickin' say), the criticism Will Smith is getting for "making out" on video with his son Jaden is really sort of blowing my mind.

What happened, you ask? Well, according to one article, "Will Smith's latest antics with son Jaden are stretching the acceptable limitations on 'close-knit.'"


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The now-controversial incident happened during an interview on Thai television when host Woody Milintachinda asked if Will and Jaden's real-life relationship was affectionate or not. In response, Will did this:


Yeah, I'm kidding. That was clearly a dad teasing his son. How people are reacting to this with revulsion is seriously beyond me, but check out some of the comments from this Gawker post:

Sheesh. Too weird for my blood. Some things are not only best left unexplained, but also unseen. Rein it in, Smiths. We beg you.

This is some weird shit, man. Why is he forcing kisses on his son's mouth in public on a TV show? (...) The boy is struggling to get away and Smith just overpowers him by physical force. Why does he delight in publicly overpowering his son and physically imposing his will on the boy?

I do a lot of things to embarrass my teenage son. And a lot of the things I do embarrass him whether I intended to or not bonus points!). But kissing him on the lips? Ew.

Wow, it makes me sad to see someone say "Ew" about the notion of kissing their own kid.

You know, I tease my own boys like this all the time with big dramatic smooches while they giggle and scramble to get away -- it's certainly never occurred to me that I'm practically raping them by doing so. It's truly amazing how two people can look at the exact same thing and have such different reactions. To me it's a lighthearted moment that lasted about half a second, not some sort of extended non-consensual make-out session.

Honestly, this family is PLENTY weird without anyone bothering to get fired up over a totally normal interaction between a father and his son. Can we just go back to gossiping about their blatant fame grab and how the Smith kids would probably be better off if their parents weren't depriving them of the chance to develop actual talent before being launched into the public eye as pint-sized celebrities?

What did you think of this on-camera moment between Will and Jaden Smith?

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kelti... kelticmom

People seriously need to get their minds out of the gutter and look inward at their own insecurities if this really bothers them. It's a father giving his son a quick peck. Both to embarrass him, and to display his affection. I'm 32 and still give my mom a peck on the lips on occasion. And my 4 year old son gives me kisses on the lips as well.

Carrie Chwierut

I couldn't care less about the kiss - it's a dad teasing his son! BUT...Is it just me, or does Will Smith's face look weird? Has he had some surgery??

Michele Wood

obviously just messing with his son...grow up people..smh

cassi... cassie_kellison

I find it hilarious

Never noticed this before; Will/Jada = Willow/Jaden

BiBi Frederick Waltslady

right there witcha kelticmom!! Im 27 and I still kiss my mom on the lips- even my dad somtimes- Its just natural to us- people are fuckin morons LOL

cmjaz cmjaz

I find it 'sick' that people would find it sick. I give my son and daughter lip pecks all the time and my daughter is 18 years. Sad reflection on our society

bhendr90 bhendr90

It is a dad picking on his son. What's the big deal?!

BeccaLS BeccaLS

I'm 18 years old and I still kiss my mom on the lips. There is nothing weird about it, it's just a simple sign of affection. In some countries is totally normal for not only family but adult friends, including those of the same gender to kiss on the lips as a greeting. I've kissed female friends as well, and is was purely platonic.

People need to get their minds out of the gutter. Its not like he shoved his tongue down the kids throat. Seriously, he was just teasing him. Nothing wrong or even that weird about it.

Caera Caera

I've kissed my mom on the lips my whole life, including the last time I saw her two weeks ago. Before my dad died, I kissed him on the lips too. I only wish I could do that again.

People need to stop being so ridiculously stupid.


insei... inseineangel

I'm 28 and give my dad a kiss (on the lips no less!) every day. It's affection. But, nowadays everything is so sexualized, that's automatically where people's minds go when they see such actions. 

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