Parents Pay Tattoo Artist Double to Make Their Daughter's Tattoo Painful & Ugly (VIDEO)

tattoo nightmareFor many parents, the idea of their 17-year-old daughter getting a tattoo is a true Tattoo Nightmare. But Kristina, star of Spike TV's Tattoo Nightmares, has parents who actually took it one step further than saying no. Not only did they sign the consent form, they paid for the tattoo artist to purposely flub up the tattoo to prevent her from wanting any more.

Say what?

Yes, her parents paid the tattoo artist double to make her experience so awful ("as ugly and as painful as possible") she would be "discouraged from wanting any more." This is just sick on so many levels. See below:

As a parent, I agree with the idea that sometimes (many times), it's important for children to learn their own lessons. I will often let my kids go out in the cold without a coat, but will carry the coat with me to let them feel the cold and then ask for it. It's not worth the battle it would take to get them to understand.

But there is a difference between that and forcing my child to stand out in the cold with no coat just so they know what it's like. One is giving them the freedom to learn from their mistakes. The other is just cruel. It's taking it too far.

I am not sure what I would say if my 17-year-old wanted a tattoo, but I can promise you that I wouldn't sign the consent form and let her get something PERMANENT on her body just to teach her a lesson.

It's a disrespectful way to parent. The message is: You're an idiot and make bad choices, so let me show you the EXTREME consequence of those choices. It won't prevent a child from doing what they want to do, but it will hurt the parent's relationship with them.

Kristina said she has been angry at her parents for years. I don't blame her. If they were against tattoos, they should have said: "You can't get a tattoo until you are 18 and we think this is a terrible idea." Then let her wait and, if she still wants one, that's her own problem. The end.

All children learn lessons in their own time.

Do you think what these parents did was crazy?




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Victo... Victoria0785

So instead she had to sit through a second tattoo session to fix the mistake, which means she'll end up with something about twice as big in order to correctly hide it. Or she gets to sit through at least 6 incredibly painful and expensive treatments to get it removed, which will still leave a weird discolored scar on her skin. Great job parenting! Not to mention the incredibly unprofessional artist that agreed to do this! I promise he lost business from this since most of their business is derived from worf a mouth, and repeat business. I've gotten 3 of my 5 from one artist and have given him loads of business from my recommendation, including my mom! I hope he got his license pulled or the shop he worked for had something to say about his unprofessionalism!

Todd Vrancic

They were totally out of line.  Essentially, they paid someone to disfigure their daughter.   Good job (NOT)!

LostS... LostSoul88

WTF is wrong with parents! I would neevr have spoke to my parents again after that. I would have sued the tatoo artist as well once I became 18 and showed proof that they did in fact paid him to hurt her and make it ugly. No "real" tattoo artist would ever do that to a person. 

CLM3345 CLM3345

I watched this episode. Fortunately, the great artist was able to cover it up with something very beautiful. Victoria is correct, the new tattoo is very large. If my parents had done this to me, I would probably not speak to them again.

Jespren Jespren

What the parents did was incredibly stupid and unethical, but what the artists did should be criminal! You don't take a bribe from a 3rd party to screw up a tattoo!

keelh... keelhaulrose

If I were a tattoo artist the price would not be worth the damage to my reputation. Word gets out, and the artist/shop will lose a lot more in lost clientele than they got from the parents. I know I'd never go to an artist who did that tattoo.

If I owned a tattoo shop and heard one of my employees did this I'd fire them on the spot.

What happened to talking to your kids? Or saying no? No one forced them to sign the consent form. When she turns 18 make her pay her own money if she still wants one.

older... oldermomat41

My husband and I saw the episode last night! If it is true, can't believe everything you see on TV, then those are some horrible parents. She should sue them for cost of cover up tattoo and I would track down the asshole that did that to me and sue his ass too!

TMK919 TMK919

It's on tape. I doubt she could sue the show, but her parents for sure. Any lawyer would jump on this IMO.

julie... julie21210

For real what tattoo artist would agree to do that?!?!? Like yeah the parents are crazy for pulling that nonsense but ultimately that falls on that tattoo artist for agreeing ,. I agree with everything the pp said about it . That just blows my mind that someone would agree to that

nonmember avatar Gretchen Mills

How could people be so gullible? THIS IS TV PEOPLE. The story is too ridiculous to be true. No artist would agree to that and open themselves up to a lawsuit. The show is scripted and the story is obviously fabricated. Why are we judging fictitious parents?

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