Teen's Large Chest Gets Her Unfairly Kicked Out of Prom (VIDEO)

brittany minderA high school senior in Silverdale, Washington is claiming that she wasn't allowed into prom because her breasts are too big. The school would argue that it has little to do with bust size and everything to do with dress code, but 18-year-old Brittany Minder thinks the authorities at Central Kitsap High weren't taking into consideration the fact that her larger-than-average breasts afford more cleavage, and there's nothing she can do about it.

When she tried to enter the dance, she was told she needed to cover up with a shawl or go home. Brittany got that shawl, stayed for an hour, then went home, sad and disappointed. She says her magical night was ruined.

Congratulations. You've now reached the point in the post where I'm going to compare cleavage proportionality at a prom I didn't go to in a state 3,000 miles away.

I'm guessing that Brittany has a point. It's highly likely that there were other girls allowed into her school's prom with the same proportion of cleavage to breast size, and that had Brittany's been scaled down, her cleavage would've been deemed appropriate, as well.

I don't know, I kind of feel for Brittany. I'm not sure I would've called the local news to share my story had it happened to me, but I do feel like she was treated insensitively, if not a little unfairly. Her gown was specifically designed for women with large busts ... what more does she need to do? Wear a turtleneck dress and bind her breasts with Ace bandages?

The good news is, prom will be but a distant memory soon enough.

Do you think Brittany should've been turned away?


Photo via KOMO

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nonmember avatar Lilac

If other kids can throw M & Ms between your boobs your dress is too low.

Andi Dodd

I think she should have taken her larger than average bust size into consideration when picking out a dress... I like a low cut shirt to show cleavage as much as the next girl, but she was already aware of the dress code i'm sure.

BeccaLS BeccaLS

The girl should have chosen a dress that her boobs weren't hanging out of.

I have DDDs, I also choose clothes that actually cover them.

Mrs.D... Mrs.Duncan85

The dress does not fit her. It is not appropriate. Not only is her cleavage out, the dress is designed to dip even lower in the front. And she was not denied her prom, she was allowed in once she was covered. She broke the rules.

Jespren Jespren

Yeah...that's not a dress 'made for' larger breasts, that's a dress made to *show off* larger breasts. It's prefectly simple to find more modest coverage for even big breasts. I certainly wouldn't wear a dress like that (I'm currently a bit past a DD into E depending upon the bra) and wouldn't let my daughter wear it either. More to the point, I went dress shopping with a friend in high school who was that big back then (in h.s. I wasn't even a full A) and she rejected several strapless dressed because she was falling out of them, before finding a strapless number whose bustline was higher and actually covered a proportional amount of her clevage.

daydr... daydreamer6170

if i paid to attend that prom i would have thanked the school for making her cover up. that dress doesnt fit at all and calling it "unflattering" is the kindest thing i could say about it. im not a model by any means but i do know how to dress myself to not sicken the public.

nonmember avatar Shandeigh

Yeah, that dress is not even close to being appropriate. There's no way in heck I'd let my daughter buy something like that... and I'd never let my son go to prom with a girl dressed like that.

Shannon Beranek

It would be nice if they had picture of the prom goers to see if other girls were let in with similar cleavage (regardless of bust size) or if it really was just her singled out.  There has got to be a million pictures of the event out there with today's cell phones.  

Personally, for me I would not have been comfortable in that dress.  I would rather have had a full over bust corset top (prefereablly custom made for my body) to show off curves and keep everything in.  I love corsets for that reason... you can big all big and busty but covered and supported without those annoying strapless bras.

Mysti... MysticAngel76

Yes the dress is inappropriate but she is 18 years and is considered an adult but she could have chosen a dress that covers over half of her cleavage.  The other thing is that I feel that the school is wrong about not letting her attend her own prom.  I mean you only have one prom!  If the school district is so strict then they should have sent "what to wear and what not to wear" photos and guides to both parents and students.  Because if they did they may have the possiblity of being sued.

nonmember avatar Mr. Larry

Really. News worthy? The dress code is as clear as it could be. I am sure just about every female that has attended public schools has had to make the decision at one point or another on whether dress attire would be deemed appropriate or not. She chose poorly and was remanded for it. No story.

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