Was Kylie Jenner's Sexy Date Dress Too Revealing for Her Age? (PHOTO)

kylie jennerJust because Kylie Jenner is the baby of the Kardashian clan doesn't mean she doesn't get picked on. The 15-year-old is catching a lot of heat for her outfit choice at the After Earth premiere in New York City.


Critics say her look is too revealing for her age. Admittedly, it does seem like she is taking fashion cues from her older sisters. The black crop top and asymmetrical mini were definitely on the sexy side, but is it really so bad? I have seen teens sporting far worse and not just on the red carpet. Among the most jaw-dropping offenders: mesh tops with no bra, butt cheek revealing shorts, bras worn as tops. Not to mention all the young stars and their infamous crotch shots (which I am sure many do on purpose).

So why pick on Kylie? Is it just because she's a Kardashian and they are such easy targets? As far as teen celebrities go, she is one of the most sane that I have seen. She's not caught dancing on tables at 21-and-over clubs, having sexcapades with one Hollywood hunk after another, falling down drunk in the street, or in the midst of a downward spiral.

In fact, I would say that this outfit is pretty demure. You can criticize Kris Jenner for a lot of things, but she got it right with this one. Kylie not only seems to be a sweet, caring individual, but she carries herself very well. That's quite a parental accomplishment when you are raising a reality star.

Do you think Kylie's outfit is too revealing?

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