Throwing Water Balloons at School Gets Kids Arrested -- Yes, Really!?

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water balloonsOh America, are we TRYING to fill up our prisons until there is no room left? Have we actually gotten that far? Because I can't really see another other reason for having a bunch of kids arrested for ... wait for it ... throwing water balloons. In school. As part of a prank.

Y'all have heard of spring fever, right? End of school ants in the pants? Just being kids?

Anyone? McFly?

The water balloon situation at Enloe High School in Raleigh, North Carolina, would be less troublesome if it weren't for the pattern of criminalizing youthful behavior that we've noticed developing in this nation.

Take note:

Last month, Kiera Wilmot, a 16-year-old doing a science experiment at her Florida high school, was arrested when the mixture of chemicals blew up. She was charged with possession/discharge of a weapon on school property and discharging a destructive device. For a SCIENCE EXPERIMENT! The charges were eventually dropped -- due to public outcry.

Back in February, kids at a Georgia high school were arrested for "inciting a riot" ... over a food fight. Again, the charges were dropped.

And now this debacle in North Carolina, where the school admits the balloons in question contained just tap water. The juniors and sophomores -- all were 16, save for one 17-year-old -- could have been hauled into the principal's office for a tap on the wrist. Instead cops were called, and they were served with charges of disorderly conduct after a security officer in the school was hit.

For water balloons.

Unless public outcry once again shows prosecutors the error of their ways (fingers crossed), these kids will have criminal charges haunting them for the rest of their lives over a harmless prank that any one of us would have done as kids.

This is where we've gone, America. Kids aren't getting worse. They're simply facing harsher consequences for the very things we did as kids.

And why?

Somehow we've lost sight of our own teen years and what we were like, what it was like when the temperatures rose and we started the countdown to the end of school, and we were high on life. We did stupid things too. Our kids are bound to do them because they are no better (or worse) than we were.

It's time that we start treating our kids as we would have liked to have been treated when we were their age: like kids.

Do you agree with the arrests for throwing water balloons? Are kids being thrown to the wolves in America?


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nonmember avatar MammaMel

when I was in high school the seniors dropped water balloons on the underclassmen from a second floor balcony during passing period. After the teachers and administrators (and the underclassmen for that matter) stopped laughing the seniors were told not to do something like that (so their next prank was a different one) and made to pick up the broken's's's NOT criminal!

nonmember avatar Dad

People who both take their jobs too seriously and have a tendency to be oversensitive to external stimuli, up to and including being pelted with water balloons, have no business being security officers at a school...

lovem... lovemy2sons25

When I was a senior in high school(8 years ago) some of the bus drivers gave the students on the buses water balloons to throw at other students walking by and to throw at other people on the other buses... they made sure we threw them all before we left the school parking lot of course it was fun it wasn't a big deal. People are blowing things way out of proportion these days...

poshkat poshkat

That's such bullshit. There is a water balloon day planned at ds' s school in 2 weeks. I hope the 250 pack I bought is enough for all the kindergartners to enjoy...

BirdCo BirdCo

I can't really blame the school what if one of those water balloons hurt a precious snowflake and a momma bear lost her mind and sued the school for the psychological damage done?

Kenneth Lee

The reporting on this incident has been spotty at best. This article doesn't mention the fact that students, parents, and administrators had been (mis?)led to believe that some of the balloons may have contained bleach or urine. It sounds like the police were called before the water balloon fighting happened because of this possibility, and administrators had let all the students know they were watching out for this conduct today. Then, when the water balloons started flying, things got out of hand.

This isn't to justify anything that happened (although, overly harsh police response excepted, I blame the kids who started the bleach and urine rumors for ruining everyone's good time), just to point out that this thirdhand stuff based on pretty crummy local reporting doesn't make for accurate storytelling, even if it does make for a good rant.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Parents are also much more likely to sue if snowflake slips on that water and get a bruise, it works both ways.

Green... Greenmomma1018

This is utterly laughable. smh.

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