Mom Whose Kid Was Described as a 'Freak' in Yearbook Overreacts Big Time (VIDEO)

Dylan WorthenIt's the question of the decade. How far should schools go to stomp out bullying? Should a school, for example, confiscate 900-some yearbooks, destroy them, and print new books ... all because one student was called a mean name on one page of the book? That's what the mom of a teenager called a "freak" in a caption of his marching band photo wants.

Dylan Worthen's name was adjusted by someone prior to the printing of the South Paulding High School yearbook this year. Every book purchased by students at South Paulding features a photo of the 16-year-old with the addition of "freak" as a second last name.

It's cruel. It's awful. But does that mean the school should shoulder the burden of printing new books?

I don't mean to be insensitive.

If my daughter were labeled a freak in her yearbook, I don't doubt that I'd be right where Dylan Worthen's mom is, shaking my fist and demanding things be put right.

But my daughter wasn't, and I'm not.

And so my view isn't clouded by a personal bias that makes it hard to see the bigger picture.

Her son was bullied, and the kids responsible should be brought to heel for it. They should be punished. 

But how far should this school go? What does zero tolerance really mean?

We are finally at a point in society where school bullying has gone mainstream, so to speak, and we're really talking about it. No longer are we telling kids that they need to buck up and deal with it.

As a formerly bullied kid and mom of a kid who started dealing with bullies in pre-school, I'm glad to see schools taking action. But we need to be careful not to swing too far in the other direction.

Common sense must prevail!

What happened to Dylan Worthen was awful. It sucks.

But in the scheme of things, being called a "freak" in your high school yearbook is not the worst thing that could happen. Some kids saw it and probably laughed. Most probably saw it and rolled their eyes.

The real damage is if the kids who did it get away with it and aren't punished. If that happens, then ... well, isn't that enough?

Surely it's not bad enough to require a school district spend thousands of dollars on re-printing a yearbook. Thousands of dollars that could be spent on educating kids?

What do you think the school should do here? Is it enough just to punish the kids?


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LostS... LostSoul88

The school should punish the kids on the yearbook committee and ban them from any fun graduation activities  that is going on and the teacher(s) who approved this yearbook and "over-looked" the cruelness should be suspended without pay.

I don't think all books should be taken away and re-printed because they will cost a shit load of money taking more money away from the education fund that is already low. 

nonmember avatar April

I think the books should be re-printed and those responsible (and their parents) should have to pay up for it.

I was originally on the author's side, but I kept thinking about how every couple of years, I like to flip through my old year books, and I thought about how, if I came across that, even years later, how hurt I would still feel. Or how crappy I would feel explaining that to my kids.

Aeris... AerisKate

They could print stickers or something to cover that up. I don't know. I see it both ways. It is a waste of money in some ways, but in others, I can see how it is worth it. It's not like this was on some piece of random paper or a poster hanging up in the school. It's in the yearbook, which people will still have 30 + years from now. Heck, there are even those websites that scan in pictures from yearboos, so it will have an online presence as well.

It's been a while since I graduated from high school, but I seem to recall some mistake being in the yearbook and there being a sticker that got printed to go over the mistake. That would be better than nothing. At least it would be covered up and not very costly to do.

nonmember avatar Lena

Definitely punish the yearbook staff and take the money for reprinting the books from the yearbook fund. The yearbook editor in chief and supervising teacher should have caught it before printing.

nonmember avatar Pam

Any costs associated with fixing the yearbooks, either with stickers or reprinting should be billed to those responsible for making the change. It's a lousy thing to do to someone and there should be financial and disciplinary consequences.

Carme... Carmen8706

I agree with April's comment. They should reprint and make the guilty pay up.

the3Rs the3Rs

I agree with April.  They absolutely SHOULD be reprinted.  The kids and their parents should pay for it.  The yearbook advisors should be suspended and/or fired.

However, no matter WHAT happens, that kid will always be effected by this.

SRTmo... SRTmom6127

@April- I'm with you, make the bullies pay for it and @LostSoul88 I think you're right too, the teacher on the yearbook comittee should be held responsible as the adult you let that through. The best way to teach a teenager a lesson is by making them, work for then pay (monetary)  for something. My vote would be find out how much a reprint would cost per person on the comittee plus the teacher, then divide that cost equally, have the teacher be in charge of taking the students door to door to collect each and every yearbook then to the printers with cash in hand, then take each one of those yearbooks back to the owners with a new page entitled why it is wrong to be a bully.........

weidi weidi

Those pointing fingers at the entire yearbook team, have any of you actually worked on your school's yearbook? Having been on the yearbook staff, I can say that, at least at my school, if an editor decided to pull something like this, the rest of us probably would not know about it. Also, given that each person is assigned specific duties, most wouldn't have access anyway. Therefore it would be quite unfair to punish the whole staff without questioning who did this. I want to say the supervising teacher should have caught this and it's unfortunate h/she didn't, but unless this happened in a really small town, that's a lot of names to go through (on top of EVERYTHING else that goes into the yearbook, and other teaching duties as well) and easy to miss. Do you know how many misspelled names and mis-"tagged" students there are a year? The advisor certainly should thoroughly check the book for submitting for printing, but the sheer amount of work is part of why there are editors and chief editors. This is not to say this incident wasn't unfortunate and the wrong doers shouldn't be punished, but do watch where you point your finger.

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