'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Wants to Share All the Dirty Details of Her Life With Her Daughter

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Farrah AbrahamLeave it to Farrah Abraham to come up with a parenting method that makes us want to go take a shower. The Teen Mom has been making headlines lately for her new porn star venture, Backdoor Teen Mom. Fortunately daughter Sophia is too young to read any of those headlines.

But she won't be forever ... and Farrah has already come up with the "perfect" way to introduce the little girl to mom's porn career. Have a barf bag handy? You're going to need it.

The Teen Mom did a radio interview recently and revealed she's already saved a copy of the Vivid Entertainment flick for her daughter:

I have, like, a baby box for her ... and basically it has all the DVDs of Teen Mom and it has my book and of course my video ...

And here all I've saved in my daughter's baby box is her first lock of hair and her coming home outfit. Sigh.

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As for when Pandora Farrah will open up this box, she had this to say:

When she’s around that 13/14, you know, gets on her period and is all "Ooh, I kinda wanna boyfriend" I think that’s when ... that’s the year to be like, "Look, Soph."

Oh. My. God.

Talking to your kids about sex when they're teens? Yes, absolutely, you must do this. Actually, you need to start even younger. Giving them your sex tape? That's crossing the line just a weeeeeee bit.

Farrah says she's all about being open and honest with Sophia. I respect honest parents. But there's such a thing as too much honesty.

Parents, might I remind you that your kids are your kids, not your friends?

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There are some lines that just shouldn't be crossed, for both of your sakes.

I don't want to picture my parents having sex. They don't want to picture me having sex. It's not being prudish; it's just about having boundaries.

You might tell your girlfriends about your sexual exploits, but your kids really don't need all the dirty details. Just a simple admission that you had premarital sex can be enough for an honest discussion about sex and birth control.

Leave the sex tapes out of it.

Do you think Farrah's crossing a line here? Should her daughter be given a copy of mom's sex tape?


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johni... johnie_carney

then she will wander why her daughter ends up pregnant at an early age. you cant expose them to all that sexual stuff at an early age. IF i had a video like this and my child came to even at the age of 18 and asked to see it i would say no. plus, why would you want your daughter to see that sex with out a condom and with a relationship is ok? i know i wont be able to stop by children from having premaritail sex BUT i can educate them to be with some one whom they care about and DEF to use a condom. that just bothers me. i think porn needs to more condom friendly. they should encourage people to use them then maybe the STD and pregnancies would go down.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Wow, just wow. People expect mental illness to look poor and homeless and dirty....THIS is what a personality disorder looks like, this girl right here. "I kinda wanna boyfirend." "Okay, well here's how that works." OH MY EFFING...She is worse than Jenelle and Amber put together because at least their craziness can be somewhat explained by drug use. Even pharmaceuticals can't produce this level of nuts. Wow...

nonmember avatar lisakphillips

Okay, on the count of three, everyone picture your MOTHER taking up the doody shoot. Ready? Oh dear God, please bless and keep Sophia. I don't wish death on anyone, but if you could render Farrah permanently mute, that would be awesome too. A-freaking-men.

johni... johnie_carney

thanks lisakphillips i did just imagine my mom getting it in the pooper HAHAHAHAHA

Whitney Giddens

Thats considered child abuse if she is under 18.. dumb ass should have her child takena away for that statement alone


momof... momof35219

Oh wow! and she thought her mom was crazy! now we know why look what she raised..im sorry but her daughter doesnt need that image of her mother being a whore. Next episode.. Grandma Farrah to be continued.....


tsk tsk

Dana Gibson

Ugh sometimes i wonder!  I WOULD NOT WANT TO SEE MY PARENTS HAVING SEX!  IT WILL SCAR HER FOR LIFE!  LOL  And we had the sex talk when I was like in the thrid grade.....not 13 or 14...she needs to take a step back and look at what she is going to do to her daughter!

Cindy Schierschmidt

one sicko after another... let's let her keep raising her child...

Sarah Noyes

I can't believe she would ever even consider showing her daughter her porn! It's just not right and i'm sure Sophia would never want to see her own mother in a porn. She needs some counciling or something for even thinking this. She said she was going to show it to her at 13 or 14, i'm sorry Farrah but it's illegal to show a kid porn, whether the parent was in the porn or not. Showing Sophia her book and videos from Teen Mom is fine, but showing her a porn, especially at a young age is just wrong. I sure hope Farrah grows up soon and understands how to take care of a child, the right way. If not, she should not be allowed to have her.

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