25 Ways You Know You're the Mother of a Teen

teensCongratulations, Mom! You've actually made it all the way to the teen years without (technically) losing your mind. Except there's a good chance you'll lose it in the very near future, because this gig is NOT for the faint of heart. Seriously, did you put your parents through the same torture?? Because if you did, you better buy your mom something better for Mother's Day than that pair of slippers you found on sale. Speaking of which, all you really want this Mother's Day is 24 hours without someone rolling their eyes at you. Am I right? Here are 25 more ways you know you're the mom of a teen.

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nekoX... nekoXfishie

I'm probably going to have to look up at my kids when they are teens anyway, I'm only 4'10 and their dad is almost six feet tall.

jessi... jessicasmom1

I have a teen and most of these don't apply ... each their own .. 

ShellLea ShellLea

The only one of these that applies to me is the one about money. That's just because that teen doesn't have a regular job yet. 

honey... honey3339

I wish my daughter would tell me or have a sign posted "keep out", until she starts paying bills in here, everything belongs to me!!!!! I walk in her room anytime I want, I don't care if the door is closed, IM NOT KNOCKING!!!!!

mamav... mamavaness

lol i guess i was lucky because i never had yo ask my parents not to go in my room growing up. they never did, my mom said each of our rooms is our private area and no one was allowed in without permission. and guess what? i never had anything to hide, trust your children. I was one hell of dramatic child though, if my mom took away my cell phone I would act like I was going to die lol. And No sharing clothes was the rule in our home too because my mom didn't want to hear us fight when something got dirty or ripped.

mamav... mamavaness

honey- dont you find that mean? Like wouldn't you want someone to knock before entering your room?Shouldn't you show them that same respect. My mom was crazy at times but she would never snoop through our stuff or just come in without knocking. I mean it's about respect for one another.Also,.you should be able to trust your children If you are confident you have shown them well. My parents trusted me and I never did drugs or snuck out or did anything too stupid. idk just seems mean to act like you're the king of the house. A home is made up of all of you.

jec72579 jec72579

Mamavane$$ - THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!    I have a 13 year old daughter, (also a 6 year old son), and I am raising them to always respect each other's privacy and personal space. How can I expect them to respect my privacy and my things if I don't give them that same respect? I am their mom, not a tyrant.

nonmember avatar NoWay

Wow, honey3339 ... that is so disrespectful. Everyone is entitled to some amount of privacy. I understand that you can go into her room since it's your house, but you should at least knock first. What if she is doing something private ... even just changing her clothes? I think you would both be terribly embarrassed. My kids are not quite teens and we have a tiny home, but we try to give each other as much privacy as we can. The only thing I do from time to time is threaten them with "If you don't clean your room, I will! And you don't want ME to..." It usually works. :)

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