Girl Stood Up for Prom Is Saved By Boy Every Mom Wishes Were Her Son (VIDEO)

prom heroIt's like something right out of a teen romantic comedy -- all that's missing is a convertible Jeep Wrangler and a Smash Mouth soundtrack. Bryan Hayes, 18, was working the evening shift at Jim's Hamburgers and Hot Dogs in Graham, North Carolina, when a freshman girl walked in -- she was wearing a yellow prom dress and was in tears. A senior had stood her up on prom night, and she was understandably crushed.

Bryan, however, knew just what to do.

A customer put on some music and Bryan asked the heartbroken girl, Kelsey Baker, to dance with him in front of everyone.

The two cut a rug right there in the restaurant, and Kelsey couldn't have been happier.

Solid guy.

I guess what they say is true: teenagers, although fast and dangerous behind the wheel, really do serve a purpose. Bryan's act was thoughtful, totally sweet, and 100 percent selfless.

We all want to raise our sons to be like Bryan and do our best to ensure they don't turn out to be the douchey senior who stands up a girl on prom night.

No word on why Bryan didn't have prom plans himself, but something tells me he won't have a problem finding a date in the future. After he posted the photo of Kelsey and him on Reddit and Imgur, he got over 900 comments and 740,000 views.

Bryan and Kelsy actually danced to "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer ... which is on the She's All That soundtrack. A rom com night if ever there was one.

Laney Boggs forever.

How great is this prom story?


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Disso... Dissolutions

awwww! class act right there!

ViviMo ViviMo

How did she get dumped on her prom night? Freshman don't go to prom. Only Juniors and Seniors.

Either way, that kid was a gentleman. Asking girls to dance in the middle of a shift is so romantic lol!

Kimberly Moore

Vivi, probably a junior or senior asked her to go as a joke and then didnt show up to pick her up. She probably thought it was a dream come true that an older guy wanted to take her. Its really sad that kids these days have no respect for anything. This girls heart was crushed, her first year of high school is so crucial. Also think about the money spent on the dress, shoes, hair! It was very sweet for that boy to go out of his way to make her night better!

nonmember avatar tara

I would bill the kid who stood her up for the prom costs. Kudos to the young man who did the right thing. His parents must be so proud.

Julia Todd

@ViviMo:  To me it sounds like the senior who asked her was playing a prank on her.  At my school (way back when) underclassmen were only allowed at prom if they were going with an upperclassmen.  Considering some of the a_hole boys I went to school with, I'd just bet that this senior asked the girl as a joke to impress his friends, strung her along so she'd buy a dress and then be able to humiliate her after he stood her up.  Glad this boy at the restaurant has the class that so many others seem to sorely lack.  :/

Kristeena Porter

@ViviMo at the school I went to (only 200 kids total) everyone in highschool got to go to prom. This young man is very sweet, I hope my sons grow up to be as kind.

Candie L Davis

That is so sweet and the guy that did not meet her there I am sure missed out on a very nice and sweet date. well all I can say is his loss. I am so happy that she got to dance on prom night. :) What a very nice and sweet man.

onecu... onecuteladybug2

That's why Freshmen and Sophomores have no business going to Prom, unless they have been dating the person for awhile and are in a monogamous relationship.

Teri Emery Webb

My prom sucked but oh well. Still got to dress up pretty and dance with my guy friends. What an amazing story and such a sweet young man. I would be a proud Mama. Good job Bryan!!

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