Help This Housebound Autistic Teen Stay Entertained ... It's Easy!

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Watching moviesUsually at 16 years old, teenage boys are learning how to drive and spending their weekends roughing around with their friends. For Colorado teen Weslee Lawrence, he's gearing up for two brain surgeries in the coming month. Weslee is autistic, has severe seizures, and has stopped going to high school and leaving the house to run errands. Since January, he's pretty much been cooped up at home, trapped by epilepsy and his condition.

It's heartbreaking, really. Because of this debilitating disease, Weslee doesn't get to enjoy life like the other kids his age. But there's something we can all do to make Weslee's struggle a little easier: put pen to paper.

Yup, Weslee wants letters. Well, his mom Vicki Lawrence Williams thinks he does. Lots of letters. Since he can't leave the house, his mother wants her son to be able to share what he loves with the outside world. And what he loves is movies. The teen watches movies every day and tells the local news outlet that one of his favorites is Bolt.

In the letters, Vicki asks people from far and wide to tell Weslee what their favorite movies are and why. Forget the sympathy cards. Forget donations. Vicki just wants her son to find some more good movies.

Think about it: For each of us, it's just one little thing we can do to bring a smile to the struggling teen's face. For the price of a stamp, you can do something for someone that means the world -- with minimal effort. That in itself is fantastic.

I know I'm gonna write one. Will you?

Weslee Lawrence
44011 Morning Star Ct
Elizabeth, CO 80107


Image via 9News


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EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

I'll send one from Ireland! He seems like a lovely boy and my heart goes out to his his mother, I hope for the best possible outcome for them.

nonmember avatar Crystal Burdick

My son who is also Autistic, loves movies as well. He gets stuck on a certain movie now and then. He remembers the print dates, who makes the films, ect... Right now his favorite is Atlantis The Lost Empire. He is 13. We would love to write. Send an address. Thanks, Crystal Burdick.

cybel... cybelle22

He may like Wall-E and Surf's Up

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