Teacher Buys Kid '50 Shades of Grey' Without Asking Mom's Permission

Fifty Shades of GreyHave you peeked inside your kid's backpack lately? A Philadelphia mom got the shock of her life when she took a look-see inside her son's bag. Turns out the 14-year-old is reading the erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey, and you'll never guess who bought it for him.

His ninth grade teacher.

Think the educator crossed the line? Maybe not.

Philip Aidoo says he gave every kid in his ninth grade English class at Eastern University Academy Charter School the chance to name a book they'd like to read for an independent reading project. Then he went out and used his own money to purchase the novels for each kid.

Maya Ladson's 14-year-old was the only kid who got the E.L. James novel, but that's only because he chose it. 

The teacher wasn't requiring kids to read the naughty novel -- he was just fulfilling their wishes.

As a mom, I can see why Ladson's upset. I really do. I don't eeeeeever want my daughter and nipple clamps and ... no, I can't even continue that thought. She's my DAUGHTER!

And yet, I can't fault the teacher here.

Hold up, before you get your fists-a-pumping, consider this: no one forced the 14-year-old to read about bondage and ben-wa balls. He chose it. Which means he was probably going to read it anyway.

The teacher just sped up the inevitable, and he actually got a kid to READ.

Isn't that what we want English teachers to do? Encourage our kids to read?

I remember distinctly which books I read in English class that I enjoyed, and which books were a struggle to get through. When our teacher provided us with a long list of novels and let us pick what appealed most to us, I dove right in. I was already an avid reader, and I ended up picking more books than was required (yes, I read extra ... for the fun of it).

When teachers dictated that we read certain tomes, on the other hand, even this avid reader trudged through them. I can still remember hiding Huck Finn in my social studies book, trying to furiously flip through the pages on the day of our big test because I'd procrastinated that long. Ironically, I LOVED Tom Sawyer ... when I read it on my own.

Would I want someone buying my daughter Fifty Shades without asking me? Probably not. Before asking a teenager to read the book for a piece here on The Stir, I checked with her mother out of respect for her authority.

And yet, I read naughty books as a kid, and I felt I had to hide them from my parents. I'm trying to raise my daughter in a more open manner, so she can read whatever she wants but knows she can come to me to talk about the content.

Just because I wouldn't want someone buying her a book like Fifty Shades doesn't mean they would be wrong to do so ... because it's my job to prepare her for what's inside!

What would you do if your kid's teacher bought Fifty Shades of Grey?


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Todd Vrancic

How do you know the kid didn't discuss this with his parents before the teacher bought the book for him?  I would have a problem if it was an assigned book, as I feel it is a little beyond most ninth grader's comprehension, but this particular kid might be mature for his age.

Jessica Tober

First of all, Todd Vrancic.... NO 14 year old is mature enough to read that book. Hell some 18 year olds are not mature enough to read that book. He obviously DID NOT discuss this with his parents or they would not have been upset.. and in no way, should a teacher oblige a 14 year old and purchase a smut book for him. He should have been an adult and told the student to choose another book that this was inappropriate. It has no intellectual value, the writing is horrible, so what if it was getting the kid to read, buy him a playboy and hes gonna read the articles.. after the pictures.. doesnt mean its a good idea! wth is wrong with people!

daydr... daydreamer6170

if you dont think 14 uear olds are mature enough to read this your living in a dream world. when I was 14 (12 years sgo) most boys that age were already having sex. I would rather they read books aboit it and keep it in their imagination for as long as I.can.

Dana Marie Duncan

Well,I have a 16 year old daughter and a 13 year old daughter, I have read the book and loved the story line more than the sex. I would have no issues if my daughters requested this book and were given it by a teacher. Actually I would have to say thank you to the teacher. I have an open relationship with my girls and my 16 year old has asked for it and I plan on getting it for her to read.I have a nook and she has a kindle. I feel getting a child to read it what is important. To Jessica Tober, there are no pictures in this book.nothing like Playboy,and if you have ever read the articles in playboy you would be shocked to find that they are very well written also. I could understand anger if the movie was out and someone took my child to see the movie with out asking me , But for someone to buy a book that my child asked for ? I would have to say Thank you.        

MamaT... MamaTo2b2g

It's really no wonder this world is they way it is, with parents like you people having no problem with a child reading this poorly written trash.

Todd Vrancic

Okay, maybe he talked to his dad instead of his mom.  I wouldn't have had a problem with my kids reading anything, even things I disagree with, because reading is one of the ways one is exposed to different viewpoints, and I, for one, want my kids able to think for themselves.

Dana Marie Duncan

ohh also no where does it say that the parent was MAD it simply says shocked .....shocked could be as in to her surprise....maybe  she was shocked over that fact her child was intreagued by such a book. 


nonmember avatar blh

Who cares if the kid chose it?? Kids choose stupid things all the time, it's a parent's job to decide what is appropriate. And daydreamer just because kids have sex, doesn't mean they're mature enough to. Fourteen year old boys are about the most immature people ever. This book is complete trash, the writing is abhorrent and the story is ridiculous.

nonmember avatar Madeline

I used to read really bad erotic fanfiction when I was 14 too. I can see 50 Shades being used by English teachers on how NOT to write. Editing the books should have been added to the student's individual reading assignment.

daydr... daydreamer6170

I didnt say they were ready.for sex at that age, I said I would rather they keep it in their imagination. its not like the kod couldnt go buy it himself.withoit his parents permission. its not a playboy and its not any.crapier than the twilight books.

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