School Bans Airforce Airman From Sister's Prom But He Shows Up Anyway (VIDEO)

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airman promThey say there's an exception to every rule, and that's what Kansas high school junior Courtney Widener's special prom date request should have been considered by school officials. But it wasn't -- at least, not at first. Courtney wanted to bring her 22-year-old brother, Senior Airman Casey Widener, to the prom, and I don't blame her: She'd only seen Casey once since he got back from his deployment in Afghanistan. Of course she wanted a night on the town with her big bro! But she was told that bringing her brother was against the school district's rule prohibiting anyone over the age of 21 from participating in prom activities. Courtney was devastated ... until Casey came up with a way to escort his sister without getting her in trouble.

Instead of taking Courtney to the actual dance, he walked her down the red carpet (proms have red carpets now?!) and gave her a proper military salute. Then he left.

Awww!! Too sweet. If these kids were mine, I would be bursting with pride. (And probably crying a lot.)

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Anyway, thankfully someone caught the magical moment on video ... and posted it online, where it quickly went viral.

"We never expected it to blow up like this," says Courtney.

Nor did Courtney and her family expect what happened next. The video got so much attention that district officials are considering changing the age limit rule. You can see why when you watch the salute:

I think this might be the happiest prom story ever told. Not to mention a super-sweet sibling tale. (Does this mean there's hope my son and daughter might get along someday?!)

Do you think the school district should change the age limit rule?

Image via AIRFORCENewYorkCity/YouTube

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jalaz77 jalaz77

I got goosebumps!! I see why they said no, really I do. Why would anyone over 19 want to go to prom anyways? I know this is different, it's her bro. and a man of military but he did a good deed for her ; )

nonmember avatar Jessica

I understand the rule but I think this should have been a exception it was her brother and he's been off serving our country.

nonmember avatar blh

The rule is understandable, but they should've made an exception. Although how do they enforce it" couldn't you just lie?

Serab... Serabelle

i understand the rule, and agree with it, and while i think he should have been allowed for special circumstances, i dont know that that is right either. people could start abusing the system, if they allowed one, why not all? and also, if her brother can take her, why cant mine? so i understand the school is in a tough place, and having an accross the board ban on people 21 and up makes since. i think the way he escorted her was sweet, and enough. her prom was about her, and protective big  brothers can put a damper on the party atmosphere.

mande... manderspanders

Who the hell clears their prom date with the school?? I'm a Kansas native and at my prom, when I was a junior, I took a guy who was a soldier at Ft. Riley...he was 23 and I was 16; he was a friend of my best friend who was in college at KState and he agreed to go with me as a favor to her. The ONLY people I had to clear it with was my PARENTS. How would the school have known? At any rate this is in fricken of the worst school districts in the state, in a town flooded with illegals and gang activity. I go there frequently for work...and it isn't a "nice" town to be in. So, I'm surprised their school district is so hung up on something so benign. Smh.

Krystal Marie

To those asking who clears their prom date with the school and about lying about their age; most public schools require outside date forms even if your date is a student at another high school. On the form it asks name, address, school they're attending and a principal's signature of their school stating the student is a good student who won't cause trouble. It also requires signatures from both attendees and both attendees parents from what I remember. Some of that may be different now but that was how it was when I was in high school back in 2009.

Kelly Long

At my high school I actually needed a photo copy of a legal form of identification - lisence, passport, etc. I think it had to even be one with a photograph so they could compare at the door that I was bringing who I said I was.
I really think that this school should have made an exception - a returned Afghanistan vet taking his little sister? Honestly, even if there were stipulations regarding his attendence at least give them options to exhaust before just saying "no". He deserves it, she deserves it, just let them have it. They've been through enough, they've spent enough time apart, come on - seriously?

nonmember avatar jocelyn

This school needs to make an exception for military because hello they are why you can make that rule!

Vegeta Vegeta

They probably don't want someone who can buy alcohol and presumably take advantage of a high schooler. I get the rule, but I think family members should be exempt.

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