'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's Mom Starts Acting Like a Real Parent

Farrah AbrahamMore big news for Farrah Abraham. Her mom, Debra Danielson, has decided to let bygones be bygones. The Teen Mom star's mother has written a letter to her famous (infamous) daughter that should end their very public feud over Farrah's new career in porn.

Good for Debra. It takes a strong woman to say she was wrong.

And yes, for those who are out there hemming and hawing, she was wrong to cut her daughter out of her life.

Debra was reportedly horrified that her daughter had filmed a sex tape. I get it. But she turned her back on her kid when her kid needed her most.

Oh, it's true that Farrah is technically not a kid anymore. She's 21. And she's certainly made some rather questionable choices lately.

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Through this whole sex tape debacle, I've had one thought running straight through my head. Her poor parents! Their daughter just went straight from reality star to porn star, and pretty soon the whole world is going to know how their little girl gets down and dirty.

Put yourself in their shoes. Would you want to talk to your daughter? Or would you be curled up in bed with the comforter over your head, telling your friends to wake you up when the nightmare is all over?

I know I'd want to pick the latter. But that doesn't mean I should ... or any mom should do what Debra has done.

Farrah's mom decided to cut her daughter -- and her granddaughter -- out of her life, kicking Farrah out of her home. But as Debra reveals in her heartfelt apology letter, it hurt her in the end. She missed Farrah and Sophia terribly.

Of COURSE she did.

As comedian Jim Gaffigan jokes in his memoir, Dad Is Fat, having children is an "incurable condition." You have them, and you never get rid of them. Not even when they're young adults making stupid choices.

Our kids are going to screw up a lot as they get older. It's part of being human. They're going to do things -- right and wrong -- that we don't agree with. 

But we can't just cut them out of our lives when it happens. We have to tell them in the most gentle way we can that though we don't agree with them, we still love them. That's the job we signed up for when we decided to become parents. And if we're not willing to follow through, we're going to be hurt as much -- if not more -- than our kids.

It's nice to see these two mending fences. Farrah's certainly going to need her mom in her life with the onslaught of criticism she's walked herself into.

What would you have done in Debra's position? Could you ever see a situation serious enough to write your kids off?



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lovem... lovemyson1224

There is such a thing as enabling though. I feel like Farrah is awful to her parents and part of that is because they allow her to be. I would never make a sex tape for money out of respect for myself and my family. She clearly doesn't respect her parents.

Alexis Eggleton

I wonder if Danielson penned this missive before or after she found out her daughter's porno ("sex tape" implies homemade- this was in a well-lit studio with a professional porn actor), for which she was paid at least 6 figures, is called "Backdoor Teen Mom."

I'm betting it was before.

dirty... dirtyhippiemama

It's probably a publicity stunt, they're both fame whores.

Kristina Bates-Reese

i disagree. Debra's biggest problem is she would enable Farrahs bad behavior. Its good she cut ties. Farrah needs to be left high & dry & get  a dose of reality cause that bitch is headed for the deep end fast.

nonmember avatar yolyrocks

Farrahs a straight out bitch to both her parents. They defenately need to cut her loose and let her fall on her ass and grow up. Maybe then shell appreciate and value her parents. Somethings not right in that girls hallow head.

nonmember avatar y

Omg just because she kicked her out of her house, doesn't mean she kicked her out of her life. This blog is stupid, try again.

Kelly Jean

I think farrah just needs to grow the fuck up and get a real job. She thinks shes all that well shes awhole lot of nothing if this is what she has to do to make money.

Jo-Ann Tuohey

Too bad Farrah wants to be famous so bad that she would think that a sex tape would get her there. She is no Kim Kardashian and all this tape did was ruin her reputation and her relationship with her family.

Lisa Keller

As bad as Farrah treats her parents she deserves to be cut off until she can be appreciative of all they do and at least apologize for treating them worse then dogs on national TV week after week.  She calls her dad by his first name that is very disrespectful and humiliating for him.  I believe her mom only wrote that letter to keep Sophia in her life not Farrah.  That baby girl needs someone to watch out for her because Farrah only cares about Farrah.  Farrah needs to see the real world will not care if she rolls her eyes and throws a fit.  As long as her parents are enabling her that will not happen.  She will never change.


shell... shellyplatz

Farrah is a spoiled rotten annoying brat! Her parents have given in to her way too much. There is nothing wrong with Debra cutting her off. Farrah respects no one, not her parents, her daughter or herself. IF she did she wouldn't have paid to make a porno in the first place! Farrah needs some mental help. She thinks the whole world is either out to get her or wants to be her.

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